Saturday, 25 March 2017

Airmyn-Hook-Goole changes

Going by Traveline Yorkshire, the 355 service from Airmyn to Goole will end at the end of March. The service, operated 'directly' by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) provides a weekday 'shopper' service from Airmyn, routing via Hook on Wednesday and Friday only. The service attracts an average 8 passengers per journey at a subsidy of £2.69 per journey, and the subsidy was proposed for withdrawal as part of ERYC's wider cuts to bus subsidies. Would a reduction in operating days have helped boost average passengers per journey and reduce subsidy?

That might be a moot point, as the traffic commissioners Notices and Proceedings from 10/03/17 included the following, on which I can't find out any more information about but would appear to be at least a partial replacement for the 355:

Goole and District Community Transport Group
Goole Go Far
West Dock
Lower Bridge Street
DN14 5SS
Permit number CB000479B1190
Route Airmyn –Hook-Goole Shopper
From High Street, Airmyn, Goole and From High Street, Airmyn, Goole
Application to register received 27/2/2017
Effective date 7/4/2017

The 355 is Hook's only bus service, but Airmyn is also served by Arriva's 400 between Goole and Selby. The 400 only operates at 'peak' times, with weekday departures from Airmyn for Goole at 0755, 0908, 1717 and 1800. From Goole weekday services operate at 0815, 1500 and 1820. On Saturday's Airmyn's only bus to Goole is at 1755, returning at 1815 - not quite sure of the point of that. All services start at/continue to Selby.

EYMS operated Sunday service 400 operates for the final time tomorrow, also a victim of the ERYC bus subsidy cuts. This gave Airmyn a two hourly service, far better than on Saturdays! (At one point, probably around 15 years ago, Hook enjoyed a Sunday service, but no Saturday service)

There is a hourly service between Goole and Selby Monday to Saturday daytimes, but most operate as service 401 omitting Airmyn; the Airmyn diversion seems to incur a 6 minute 'time penalty' each way, but also serves Goole Hospital. I am not sure of what if any interworking with other services occurs at Selby, but I guess in off peak hours with a standard pattern timetable, to serve Airmyn would require an extra vehicle? Otherwise why not serve Airmyn and Goole Hospital for the sake of 6 minutes each way? Or operate into Goole via Airmyn and Goole Hospital and return direct one hour, then vice versa the next hour - giving Airmyn a two hourly service?

Another option for Airmyn and Hook could be to route the Wednesday only 488 from Selby and Hensall via these villages en-route between Rawcliffe and Goole, which could also boost the usage of this council subsidised service.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Service 199 to continue

Service 199 from Huggate to Pocklington is set to continue operating from April onwards, despite East Riding of Yorkshire Council having proposed to withdraw subsidy for it. The service, which is operated by EYMS, provides a Tuesday only link to Pocklington from Huggate, Warter, Nunburnholme, Burnby and Hayton. It is the only bus service to serve Huggate, and after the withdrawal of service S1 next week, will be the only bus to serve Nunburnholme and Burnby. The 199 has been averaging 3 passengers per journey, at a subsidy of £7.00 per journey.

Whilst the service will continue, the 1157 from Huggate is withdrawn, leaving the 0920 from Huggate and 1125 return from Pocklington.

Service 180 Morning Peak Journey Withdrawn

After operating on Friday 31st March, EYMS's 0719 Monday to Saturday service 180 Cottingham to Beverley journey, will be withdrawn, with the first journey at 0819 instead. Service X80 has an earlier weekday departure from Cottingham at 0759, but not serving Skidby, Little Weighton and Walkington as the 180 does. This is as part of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council cuts to bus subsidies, as the journey was subsidised between Walkington and Beverley; it had an average 3 passengers per journey at a subsidy of £5.77 per passenger journey.

Service 180 will also be having it's Sunday service withdrawn from April.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

EYMS 195/196/X36

From April 1st, EYMS operated service 195 in the Pocklington area will be reduced following cuts to bus subsidies by East Riding of Yorkshire Council; the service was due to have it's subsidy dropped entirely so it is good that some service has been retained.

Currently the 195 provides a Wednesday and Saturday shopper bus from Pocklington to York via various villages to the south of Pocklington, and a Tuesday and Thursday shopper bus from Newton upon Derwent via the same villages into Pocklington, with the afternoon return extending into York. There is also a commercial Tuesday lunchtime Newton upon Derwent to York service.

From April the 195 will only offer a Tuesday and Thursday service to Pocklington. The service will start in Allerthorpe, serve multiple villages to Newton upon Derwent and then run direct to Pocklington. The logic behind this seems to be offer connections to York; on Thursday's the timetable connects with service 196 in Hagg Bridge, Sutton upon Derwent and Newton upon Derwent, and on Tuesday's the morning service connects with York Pullman's 36 in Sutton upon Derwent. This means that despite the through services to York being withdrawn, this shopping link is retained with a connection, and hopefully service 196 boosted with the connecting passengers from the 195.

However the flip side is that Allerthorpe to Pocklington will take 70 minutes instead off the current 9 minutes - should the Tuesday 195 be operating Newton upon Derwent-Allerthorpe-Pocklington instead? Thornton, Bielby, Everingham and Seaton Ross also see increased journey times into Pocklington.

The Saturday X36 serving most of the same villages as the 195 is also being withdrawn at the same time; this provides a peak service to/from York. This seems like a good time to note as well that York Pullman operated services 36/X36 have "minor timetable changes" according to iTravel York from 3rd April. York Pullman's X36 provides the weekday equivalent of the to-be-withdrawn Saturday X36, and the 36/X36 combined provide a Monday to Saturday daytime link from Sutton upon Derwent and Elvington into York.

From the June 2016 consultation document it seems the 195 and Saturday X36 were in one contract, with an average 5 passengers per journey at a subsidy of £15.16 per passenger journey.

Those familiar with the 196 will note it currently runs on Tuesdays, but moves to Thursdays from next month with the afternoon journey from York operating at 1320 rather than 1337.

Improved service 120

Moving away from cuts briefly, to an enhancement. On 4th March Scarborough and District (the brand for EYMS's Scarborough operations) reintroduced regular seasonal service 120 between Scarborough and Bridlington, via Filey and various holiday camps. The service operates hourly, on a daily daytime basis from early March to early November (ending on the 5th this year). From Sunday 9th April the 0805 from Scarborough to Bridlington shall operate 15 minutes earlier, the 1905 from Scarborough to Reighton Sands Holiday Village shall extend to Bridlington and there shall be a new 2040 from Bridlington to Scarborough.

Currently the last 120 from Scarborough to Bridlington is at 1705, and from Bridlington at 1840. EYMS service 121 which doesn't serve all the holiday camps has later last departures from Scarborough at 1820 from Scarborough and 1920 (1915 weekends) from Bridlington. As a result of the improved evening service on route 120, Bridlington residents and visitors can spend an extra 45 minutes in Scarborough (slightly longer in Filey), whilst Scarborough and Filey residents and visitors can spend an extra 80/85 minutes in Bridlington; holiday camp visitors served only by service 120 gain an extra 2 hours in East Yorkshire.

Saturday, 18 March 2017

EYMS Sunday 153 to operate commercially

Sunday journeys on service 153 between Anlaby, Swanland, North Ferriby and Welton will no longer be funded by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) from April, due to ERYC cuts to bus subsidies. The good news however is that EYMS will be continuing to operate these services with no changes to the timetable, on a commercial basis.

The Sunday 153 is already operated commercially by EYMS between Hull and Anlaby. The main section of the service between Hull, Anlaby and North Ferriby operates hourly Sunday daytimes, with journeys then alternating between serving residential areas of North Ferriby (Nunburnholme Avenue), or the villages off Melton and Welton. The Anlaby to North Ferriby/Welton section of route has been attracting an average 4 passengers per journey with a subsidy of £2.62 per journey.

Wednesday, 15 March 2017

Evening Peak 517 Journey Withdrawn

Due to the withdrawal of funding by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, EYMS will be ending the 1750 Monday to Saturday departure from Bridlington Bus Station on Town Circular service 517 from Saturday 1st April. This journey had an average 6 customers per journey at a subsidy of £3.42 per passenger.

As a result the last departure from the Bus Station will be at 1650, though most of the route is covered by service 507 which has a 1720 departure from the Bus Station. Parts of the route are also covered by services 120 (March to November) and 121.

Monday, 13 March 2017

S1, S2, S3 to end ... but there is a replacement

After operation on 31st March, the Market Weighton 'shopper' buses S1, S2 and S3 will no longer operate. These services are operated by EYMS under contract to East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The S1 provides a Tuesday link into Pocklington from Londesborough and Burnby (with the journey to Pocklington starting in Market Weighton) and a Friday link from Burnby and Londesborough to Market Weighton. The S2 provides a Tuesday and Friday Market Weighton-North Cliffe-South Cliffe-Hotham-South Newbald-North Newbald-Sancton-Market Weighton circular whilst the S3 provides a Friday Goodmanham to Market Weighton service .

The S1, S2 and S3 are being withdrawn as part of cuts to bus subsidies by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. They carry an average of one passenger per journey at a cost of £10.29 per journey, with annual passengers numbering just 738, according to the June 2016 'Review of Bus Services in the East Riding' document. A demand responsive replacement was proposed in both the June and revised December document.

However there is to be a 'traditional' replacement service for the S3 and Friday elements of the S1 and S2. New service 198, operated by EYMS, will run on Friday mornings from North Cliffe, South Cliffe, Hotham, South Newbald, North Newbald and Sancton into Market Weighton, before operating a circular trip via Londesborough and Goodmanham back to Market Weighton. There will then be a lunchtime return. This ensures that North Cliffe, South Cliffe, Londesborough and Goodmanham retain a bus service, albeit for the first three villages no longer on a Tuesday - but something is better than nothing. Burnby is not included on the 198 but will retain a Tuesday bus service on route 199 (which was to have it's funding withdrawn as well, but will continue operating).

It is worth noting that South Newbald, North Newbald and Sanction are also served by service X4 between Hull, South Cave, Market Weighton and York, providing 4 to 5 journeys per day. Hotham, North Newbald and South Newbald are also on the service 143 route, providing one Monday and two Wednesday and Saturday journeys to Beverley. The existence of alternatives for four of the six villages served by the S2 cannot have helped that service's viability, and consequently can't have helped the viability of the associated S1 and S3 services. Still I wouldn't begrudge the 143 and X4 considering the greater number of communities they serve and how the X4 in particular has given South Newbald, North Newbald and Sancton a 6 day a week bus service.

Sunday, 12 March 2017

Goodbye service 160

After operation on Wednesday 29th March EYMS service 160 from Staddlethorpe to Goole via Howden will be withdrawn, following the withdrawal of subsidy by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The route operates on Wednesday and Saturday, with a 1000 departure from Staddlethorpe arriving in Goole at 1046, and a 1330 return service from Goole.

As a result the following villages will be left without a bus service (except schools):
Barmby on the Marsh

Laxton is served by Saltmarshe railway station, and Staddlethorpe by Gilberdyke station.

The 160 carried an average 9 passengers per journey, at a cost of £5.70 per passenger journey. I wonder if a reduction to one day a week could have 'saved' the service? Maybe this is too simplistic, but if some of the passengers from the 'dropped' day travelled on the one remaining day the service operated the average loading per journey may have increased and the subsidy per passenger reduced?

As an aside, the 160 managed 15 years without a timetable change, from 1999 to 2014 when the current timetable was introduced.

Service 121 Early Morning Changes

Largely as a result of the cuts to bus subsidies by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) there will be early morning reductions to parts of EYMS service 121 between Hull and Scarborough from April 1st.

The 0628 Monday to Saturday Nafferton to Hull service will now start in Beverley, with the first service from Nafferton southwards at 0656 instead. ERYC were only funding this journey between Nafferton and Leconfield, so the Leconfield to Beverley section would appear to be a commercial withdrawal by EYMS. The Nafferton to Leconfield section had an average 2 passengers per journey, subsidised at £11.50 per journey. A pre 0800 arrival into Hull is still possible from Nafferton, Driffield and Hutton Cranswick by rail.

The 0653 Monday to Saturday Driffield to Scarborough service will now start in Bridlington; the first bus from Driffield to Nafferton will now be at 0721 and from Driffield to Bridlington and Scarborough at 0738. A pre 0800 arrival into Bridlington from Driffield and Nafferton is still possible by rail, which also offers a pre 0900 arrival into Scarborough - not much use for other villages between Nafferton and Bridlington however.

The 0704 Sunday Leconfield to Hull service will now start in Beverley; the first service from Leconfield southwards will now be at 0824. This part journey was not listed in the ERYC consultation documents so I assume is a commercial withdrawal.

The School Holiday Weekday and Saturday journey at 0815 from Bridlington to Driffield will no longer operate, leaving a 170 minute gap in service 121 departures southwards from Bridlington between 0635 and 0925. This is slightly reduced when making allowance for the 0650 service 45 from Bridlington to York via Driffield. Rail again offers an alternative for travel between Bridlington, Nafferton and Driffield with departures from Bridlington in this time period at 0644, 0712, 0730, 0808 and 0905.

No other journeys on service 121 are altered. The 0635 Monday to Saturday Hull to Scarborough between Driffield and Bridlington and 2135 Hull to Nafferton between Driffield and Nafferton should also have had their council funding withdrawn, but it seems EYMS will continue these part journeys commercially.

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Service 241 to be withdrawn

After operation on Wednesday 29th March, service 241 from Aldbrough to Beverley will be withdrawn due to East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) cuts to tendered bus services. The route has been operated by EYMS on Mondays and Wednesdays, with a 0930 departure from Aldbrough Cliffs arriving in Beverley at 1020 and a return service from Beverley at 1256.

The villages of Skirlaugh and Long Riston will retain a 'shopping' link into Beverley via Stagecoach operated Monday to Saturday service 242, whilst Skirlaugh is also linked to Beverley by ERYC directly operated service 243 on weekdays. Routh and Tickton have an hourly Beverley service on EYMS route 246 Monday to Saturday daytimes, plus limited evening and Sunday journeys, in addition to service 242, and in the case of Routh the 243 as well. These more frequent services duplicating the 241 will not have helped the case for retaining service 241.

From Aldbrough passengers for Beverley can use service 129 to Hornsea to connect onto service 246. It is only the villages off Withernwick, Hatfield and Rise that are left without an option for travel to Beverley; these villages are also left without a Monday or Wednesday bus service as the 230 that provides a connection/through service to Hull from Withernwick, Hatfield and Rise only runs on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays (through service on Saturday, connection Tue/Thu).

Service 241 carries an average of 8 passengers per journey at a subsidy of £5.95 per journey.

Sunday, 5 March 2017

EYMS Sunday Services Axed

Due to the withdrawal of East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC) subsidies, EYMS are axing the following Sunday services entirely from the start off April.
  • 142: Beverley-Middleton - two return journeys, but one journey each way is effectively a positioning journey (which can't help the economics of the service). EYMS Saturday and schoolday journeys are unchanged, but no alternative Sunday provision is available.
  • 155: Goole-Gilberdyke-South Cave - five return journeys between Goole and Gilberdyke, with the first service from Gilberdyke starting at South Cave and the last one extending to South Cave. Service X57 runs on a Sunday between Gilberdyke and South Cave but the main Gilberdyke to Goole section, including Howden, has no alternative, apart from the train between Gilberdyke and Goole. Monday to Saturday services, including those subsidised by ERYC, are unchanged.
  • 180: Beverley-Cottingham - three return journeys. Service X47 continues to provide a Sunday link between Beverley and Cottingham but does not serve Walkington, Little Weighton, Skidby or Castle Hill Hospital; Beverley to Castle Hill Hospital passengers can connect from the X47 to the 64 or 115 in Cottingham.
  • 361: Goole-Swinefleet - four return journeys. Monday to Saturday services 360/361 are unaffected, but no Sunday alternative is available.
  • 400/401: Goole-Selby - 2 hourly Sunday daytime service via the town of Snaith, a number of villages and Goole Hospital. No alternatives exist on a Sunday for anywhere on the route.
  • 506: Bridlington Town Service - 6 circular journeys; part of the route is covered by service 121 but the West Hill estate will be left without a Sunday service. Monday to Saturday services continue unchanged.
  • 508: Bridlington Town Service - 7 circular journeys. This service only operates on Sundays, so is being withdrawn entirely. Service 121 again provides an alternative service for parts of the route, but for other areas, such as New Pasture Lane, there is no Sunday alternative.
  • 520: Beverley Town Service - 2 circular journeys; service 121 serves Swinemoor Lane which is within walking distance for part of the route, but otherwise no Sunday alternative. Monday to Saturday journeys are unchanged.
  • 522: Beverley Town Service - 2 circular journeys; services X46/X47 cover part of the route, and are within walking distance of some other parts, but otherwise no Sunday alternative.
  • 523: Beverley Town Service - 2 circular journeys with no Sunday alternative apart from a walk to catch service 121. This service only operates a Sunday, being covered by the 122 Monday to Saturday, and is therefore being withdrawn entirely.
Some of these services, such as the 142 and 361, are rather unusual on Sundays by national standards sadly, linking villages to their nearest town; in parts of the country such links aren't even available on weekdays. EYRC deserve credit for keeping such a good Sunday network going for so long, no doubt helped by EYMS running a core Sunday network commercially. However this will not be much comfort to those that use these Sunday services at present. In addition whilst some of these routes are rural village services, others are more significant losses such as the 400/401 between Goole and Selby. Indeed aside from the Stagecoach X62, Goole will have no Sunday bus services after these withdrawals.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Hornsby Saturday Changes

Hornsby Travel will withdraw their hourly Saturday service on Scunthorpe Town Service 22 after operation today (25th February), with the weekday service unaffected. The 22 links Scunthorpe Bus Station with Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road, Priory Lane, Ashby Town Centre, Bottesford Road, Bottesford Lane, Timberland and Lakeside Retail Park. Last April Hornsby reduced the Saturday morning frequency from half hourly to hourly.

Between Ashby Town Centre and Lakeside the Saturday 22 shall be replaced from next week by a Saturday daytime diversion to service 4 between Scunthorpe and Brigg; instead off taking the direct route between Ashby Town Centre and Lakeside via Queensway, the Saturday daytime 4 shall take the 22 route via Timberland. This increases journey times from Scunthorpe and Ashby to Brigg and Broughton  by 12 minutes. As part of these changes the Saturday 4 will have a reduced morning/lunchtime frequency, dropping from every 45 minutes to every hour in line with the afternoon service. The first departure from Scunthorpe will be at 0700 rather than 0740, and from Brigg at 0700 rather than 0735.

Apart from the slightly earlier first journeys and a more memorable even interval timetable, passengers on the 4 will be receiving a slightly worse service on Saturdays from next week, whilst those on the 22 route between Ashby and Lakeside have an improved service with a continued hourly frequency, a slightly quicker route between Scunthorpe and Ashby on service 4 and a through service to Brigg. Need to travel to/from Lloyds Avenue, Glanville Avenue, Devonshire Road and/or Priory Lane on a Saturday though? I hope walk, bike or taxi is an option for you as the Saturday 22 is not being replaced in these areas.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Humber Region Forthcoming April Changes

I won't do this on a regular basis, but the latest 'Notices and Proceedings' published by the Traffic Commissioner details many planned changed to bus services in April, and not just in the East Riding of Yorkshire were the council are cutting bus subsidies. A health warning should be given though - services can be split over multiple registrations, sometimes start/finish points maybe out of date and further changes could appear in future Notices and Proceedings.

New Registrations:
  • EYMS 195/196 Pocklington/Aughton to Allerthorpe//York
  • EYMS 198 Market Weighton to North Cliffe via Goodmanham, Londesborough and Newbald
  • Stagecoach 17 Cleethorpes Seafront Service
  • EYMS 75-77 Hull to Withernsea
  • EYMS 78/79/80/277 Hull to Hedon
  • EYMS 100 Thornwick Bay to South Shore Holiday Village (Bridlington)
  • EYMS 121 Hull to Scarborough
  • EYMS 142 Beverley to Driffield
  • EYMS 180/X80 Beverley to Hessle
  • EYMS 199 Pocklington to Huggate
  • EYMS 350 Hull to Scunthorpe
  • EYMS 360/361 Scunthorpe to Goole
  • EYMS 507/517 Bridlington Town Service
  • Stagecoach 3 Morrisons to Cleethorpes
  • Stagecoach 4 Morrisons to Cleethorpes (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 5 Grimsby to Immingham
  • Stagecoach 6 Grimsby to Wybers Wood
  • Stagecoach 8 Grimsby to North Sea Lane
  • Stagecoach 9 Waltham to North Sea Lane
  • Stagecoach 11 Scunthorpe to Bottesford
  • Stagecoach 31/31A/32/32A Scunthorpe Town Circular
  • Stagecoach 33/34 Scunthorpe Town Circular (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 37 Scunthorpe to Skippingdale Retail Park
  • Stagecoach 38 Scunthorpe to Crosby
  • Stagecoach 51 Grimsby to Louth (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 53 Grimsby to Market Rasen (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • Stagecoach 103 Scunthorpe to Kirton Lindsey
  • Stagecoach 350 Hull to Scunthorpe
  • Stagecoach HF1 Humberside Airport to Cleethorpes (route as well as timetable amendment)
  • EYMS 155 South Cave to Goole
  • EYMS 160 South Cave to Goole
  • EYMS 195/196/X36 Pocklington to York
  • EYMS 198 Pocklington Town Service
  • EYMS 241 Aldbrough to Beverley
  • EYMS 400/401 Goole to Selby
  • EYMS 506/508 Bridlington Town Service
  • EYMS 520/522/523 Beverley Town Service
  • EYMS S1-S3 Market Weighton Local
  • Stagecoach 10 Scunthorpe Town Circular
  • Stagecoach 12 Bradley Park to New Waltham
  • Stagecoach 78/277 Hull to Hedon

Saturday, 14 January 2017

Arriva Changes in East Yorkshire

Arriva are making changes to their Selby area services from Monday 30th January, including some which impact on East Yorkshire.

The college day service 400 from Goole Hospital to Selby College at 0822 is replaced by a new 0812 service X4 from Goole North Street to Selby Bus Station. The X4 will follow the main service 4 route via Howden and Hemingbrough but additionally serve Selby College. Presently the first service 4 journey from Goole is at 0930 on weekdays, so whilst aimed at college students, the X4 may also be off use to other users.

Elsewhere in East Yorkshire, the Monday to Saturday 1810 from Selby to West Cowick is renumbered from 401 to 400.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Major Improvements for the 5, Not so much for the 450

From Tuesday 3rd January, Stagecoach services 5 and 450 are extensively revised. Currently service 5 links Grimsby with Immingham and South Killingholme every half hour Monday to Saturday daytime, with some journeys operating beyond Immingham as either service 150 to East Halton or service 450 to Barton and Brigg. At weekday peak times some journeys serve the MIC Plant at Immingham instead off South Killingholme.

Service 5

The first working day of January sees the main Grimsby to Immingham and South Killingholme service increased to operate every 20 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes, increasing to every 15 minutes at peak times, including Saturdays. This is a welcome boost in frequency which shall hopefully make the bus a more attractive option for local travel on the Grimsby-Immingham-South Killingholme corridor.

Peak time services via the MIC Plant at Immingham remain and now also operate on Saturdays. The current 4 morning services are increased to 6 from Grimsby, with 3 afternoon journeys. Instead off operating the main service 5 route from Grimsby to Immingham County Hotel via Wybers Wood Lights, Healing, Stallingborough roundabout and Immingham Town, before extending to the MIC Plant, morning journeys now operate direct (via the A180?) from Wybers Wood Lights to the MIC Plant before extending to County Hotel and South Killingholme. Afternoon journeys continue to operate the main service 5 route, serving the MIC Plant instead of South Killingholme.

Monday to Saturday early morning starts from Humberston via Cleethorpes remain, while hourly evening and Sunday services only have minor timing changes.

The college day 5C variation serving Grimsby Institute and Franklin College is withdrawn. The morning 5C currently starts in Habrough and this facility will be provided by a normal service 5 in the future. Two evening peak services from Grimsby continue to extend to Habrough, but no longer to Ulceby; combined with changes to the 450 (see below), Ulceby no longer has any through services to Grimsby, and no suitable peak time connecting service without using Call Connect. I hope no commuters were relying on the 5/450 from Ulceby.

These changes are a bit different from what was expected though. These improvements are being supported by North East Lincolnshire Council and the Department for Transport (DfT). The bid to the DfT last Summer was for a service every 15 minutes between Grimsby and Immingham, extending half hourly to the Able UK development, Phillips 66 Oil Refinery and the Catch training facility. Next week's new timetable only delivers a 15 minute frequency at peak times, only serves Catch via the peak time MIC Plant workings, and doesn't serve Able UK or Phillips 66 Refinery at all (although Total's Lindsey Oil Refinery becomes a timing point). Maybe there has been a change of plan, or maybe there will be a phased approach to developing service 5, as the Able UK site is largely if not totally undeveloped at the moment. If it's the latter I suspect South Killingholme better not get too used to a 20 minute frequency.

Service 450

So for the vast majority of passengers, the changes are good news or no change. However when the 150 and 450 are considered it's not quite such a good news story. I've already posted about the 150 being withdrawn - thankfully the Monday to Saturday 450 hasn't suffered the same fate but it's not come out of the changes very well.

Currently four service 5's from Grimsby extend from Immingham to Barton and Brigg as service 450, and a fifth on a Saturday as far as Barton; on weekday's there is an extra Immingham to Barton service instead. These provide a roughly two hourly morning/early afternoon service westbound. In the other direction there is one morning Barton to Immingham service that then runs through to Grimsby and three or four from Brigg to Immingham that run through to Grimsby (on schooldays the final journey operates Brigg-Barton-Goxhill then Barton-Immingham-Grimsby). This also provides a two hourly morning/early afternoon service along with a single later afternoon service.

With the new timetable the through journeys between service 5 and 450 cease, and the 450 becomes a stand alone service between Immingham County Hotel, Barton and Brigg. The loss of all through services is a retrograde step, although perhaps trying to mix the improved service 5 with the 450's school requirements based timetable and infrequent journeys proved impossible. The use of Immingham County Hotel as the 450's terminus means that not only passengers for Grimsby will need to change buses, but so will anyone travelling into Immingham Town Centre.

Four Immingham-Barton-Brigg journeys remain in the morning/early afternoon. On weekdays this isn't a major change, with the final departure from Immingham to Barton just 5 minutes earlier than at present, and while overall there is one less Immingham to Barton journey, currently two services run within half an hour of each other. On Saturday's the last westbound service from Immingham to Barton is 65 minutes earlier.

Eastbound there is a significant reduction however. The morning peak Barton to Immingham service has gone - this used to exist as a balancing working from the early morning Grimsby to Barton Humber Flyer, which since last year has extended through to Hull. There is no equivalent evening return to Barrow, Thornton Curtis or Wootton so it is only Ulceby that has lost out on a usable commuting link.

From Brigg four services remain to Barton, with the first three operating 35 minutes later than at present, and the final operating 55 minutes earlier. On Saturday's and School Holiday's all four services continue onto Immingham, but on schooldays only the first two do, with the third terminating in Barton and the last terminating in Goxhill, and not returning to Barton for an final Barton-Immingham service as at present. This means the last bus from Barton to Thornton Curtis, Wootton, Ulceby, South Killingholme and Immingham on schooldays will be at 1215 rather than 1345 and 1715.. It also means there will be no connection from the afternoon 360 from Scunthorpe Colleges in Barton for Thornton Curtis, Wootton, Ulceby and South Killingholme.

The new 450 is fine for Brigg school students, and for villagers wanting to travel into Barton for a couple of hours in the morning. It's OK for trips into Brigg, though 0840 is a bit early and 1110 a bit late for arrivals into Brigg for morning shopping. However it means a change for Immingham Town Centre, and as for the connections to/from Grimsby, they have come have out horrendously. First possible arrival is 1140, latest possible departure 1305.

The 450 receives financial support from North Lincolnshire Council, and I suspect that is why the connections to Immingham Town Centre and Grimsby have come out so badly - they are in North East Lincolnshire so not North Lincolnshire's priority. Add in tight council budgets which probably prevent adding in any more 'resource' to improve the timetable, and the existence of Call Connect, and the end result seems to be a poor service 450 timetable.

Furthermore it can't help the Immingham to Barton section that Grimsby to Barton is also covered by the Humber Flyer and the train, Barrow to Barton by the 260 and Immingham to South Killingholme by the 5. It increasingly comes down to being a service for Thornton Curtis, Wootton and Ulceby, a long way from the days of the X21 or even the 250. Welcome improvements elsewhere won't have helped viability.

Monday, 26 December 2016

Stagecoach 50 Amendments

From Tuesday 3rd January, Stagecoach service 50 between Saltfleet and Grimsby has some minor changes. The 0630 from Grimsby Riverhead Exchange will depart at 0625, the schooldays 1445 from Riverhead Exchange will depart at 1435 and the 1725 from Grimsby College shall operate slightly later from Riverhead Exchange onwards. Journeys from Saltfleet have extended running times, and the 1830 departure is retimed to 1840.

Stagecoach tookover this service from Amvale in September.

Sunday, 25 December 2016

New late evening Hull-Barton Journeys

Some positive news to report this Christmas Day. From Tuesday 3rd January, Stagecoach are adding three extra late evening Monday to Saturday journeys to the 350 Humber Fastcat service, between Hull and Barton only. There will be new departures from Hull Paragon Interchange to Barton Interchange at 2220 and 2330, and from Barton Interchange to Hull at 2255.

Currently the last departure from Hull is at 2125, and from Barton Interchange at 2156, so these later journeys are a significant improvement to the evening service. Whilst I'm sure Hull City of Culture 2017 has played a large part in justifying these services, they will be useful for late night train connections at Hull Station, evening football matches at the KC Stadium and evenings out in general, in Hull but also for anyone attending an evening event in Barton. Hopefully they are well used - it's ambitious adding this improved evening service 6 days a week, as opposed to say just Friday and Saturday initially.

The 'even interval' hourly early to mid evening service goes a bit off pattern - 1825, 1925, 2025, 2125, 2220 then 2330 from Hull - but this is understandable as trying to do a Hull-Barton round trip in a hour would be rather challenging. The new departures from Hull also nicely fit around EYMS service 66 along Boothferry Road in Hull during the late evening; the 66 departs Paragon Interchange at 2140 and 2300, with the 350 perfectly filling an 80 minute gap at 2220 and then offering a half hour later last departure.

It's not clear whether the new evening journeys will be routed via Barton Market Place, Pasture Road and Butts Road - there is no timing point for the Market Place but from the Humber Bridge toll booths to Barton Interchange the new evening journeys are allocated 15 minutes rather than the 13 minutes allowed on existing evening journeys, which could allow for serving the Market Place - it would be illogical in my opinion not to serve the Market Place/Pasture Road/Butts Road in Barton as not doing so would make parts of Barton over half an hour walk away from the nearest bus stop served by the new evening journeys.

Clearly the new journeys will involve some out of service mileage. On the assumption that Hull depot operates the new journeys (as opposed to Scunthorpe), that will be from Barton to Hull just after midnight. Given that the 350 operates a direct and quick route into Hull it seems a shame not to run in service as far as Hull City Centre just in case someone finds the journey useful.

Traveline East Midlands shows that most existing Monday to Saturday journeys are due to be retimed slightly, but Stagecoach's new timetable doesn't show that. The timing point for Primark on Carr Lane in Hull City Centre has also disappeared with Stagecoach's new timetable. I'm not sure if the 350 is back running via Carr Lane yet, if it is due to do so again in early 2017 when 'public realm' works are entirely finished or if the service has been 'pulled' from the Hull City Centre loop entirely - I hope not as it is useful to have the option of catching the bus in the eastern half of the city centre rather than having to walk back to the Interchange, and to be able to connect from North Hull services (when I was at university getting off a 105/115 at Carr Lane and catching the 350 there frequently got me home half an hour earlier!).

Anyway, great to see the new late evening journeys!

Sunday, 18 December 2016

Christmas and New Year Services 2016/2017

Here is a round-up of Christmas and New Year services across the Humber region, covering Arriva Yorkshire, BusKing, EYMS, First South Yorkshire, First York, Grayscroft Coaches, Hornsby Travel, Stagecoach and Transdev (York and Yorkshire Coastliner). Information for York Pullman service X36 is provided, but details are not known for service 36. Services provided by these operators outside of the region are not covered. If anyone has information for other operators, please post a comment and I will update this post. Please check exact details before travelling as this is only a summary.

Christmas Eve - Normal Saturday service with an early evening finish around 6-8pm.

Christmas Day - No Services

Boxing Day Monday 26th - Limited daytime services on certain routes only in the Hull Area:

34: Hull-Willerby - Hourly
56: Hull-Longhill-Asda Bilton - Hourly
64: Hull-Cottingham-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly
66: Hull-Hessle - Hourly
115: Hull-Avenues-Cottingham-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly (circular with 154)
154: Hull-Willerby-Castle Hill Hospital - Hourly (circular with 115)

1: Hull-Boothferry Estate - Hourly
2: Hull-Boothferry Estate - Hourly
3: Orchard Park-Hull-Greatfield- Half Hourly
4: Orchard Park-Hull-Bilton Grange - Hourly
5: Hull-Orchard Park-Kingswood - Half Hourly
8: Hull-Sutton Park-North Point - Hourly
10: Hull-North Point-North Bransholme - Hourly
11: Hull-North Point-Kingswood - Hourly
12: Hull-North Point - Hourly
13: Hull-North Point - Hourly
14: Hull-Greatfield - Hourly
Plus Football Buses to/from the KC Stadium

Bank Holiday Tuesday 27th - A Sunday service will be provided. First York will provide a half hourly frequency on service 10 to Stamford Bridge.

Wednesday 28th - A Saturday service will be provided, except BusKing and Hornsby Travel who will provide a normal Wednesday service. There are exceptions as follows:

  • EYMS Services 124, 195, 241, 360 and 361 will operate a normal Wednesday service
  • EYMS Services 106, 107, X36 and the Beverley Town Shopper Shuttle will not operate
  • EYMS Service 64 will have an extra journey from Hull to Castle Hill Hospital at 0615, returning at 0701 (New for 2016, maintains early service not provided on a Saturday)
  • EYMS Service X46 will have an extra journey from Pocklington to York at 0725 (New for 2016, this maintain a key peak time service not provided on a Saturday)
  • EYMS Service X57 will have an extra journey from Gilberdyke to Hull at 0708, with the 0855 X56 Elloughton to Goole starting in Hull at 0820 (New for 2016, this maintains a key peak time service into Hull not provided on a Saturday)
  • EYMS Friday and Saturday evening only journeys on routes 18, 75, 121 and X47 shall not operate (i.e. a normal Wednesday evening service will operate)
  • Stagecoach service 25 in North East Lincolnshire will operate a normal Wednesday service (this ensures a peak time service is provided)
  • York Pullman Service X36 will operate a normal Wednesday service
Thursday 29th - A Saturday service will be provided, except BusKing and Hornsby Travel who will provide a normal Thursday service. There are exceptions as follows:

  • EYMS Services 124, 134, 195, 360 and 361 will operate a normal Thursday service
  • EYMS service 135 will have normal Thursday departures from Driffield at 0910 and 1140, however the 0655 and 1710 journeys will not operate
  • EYMS Services 106, 107, 143, 160, X36 and the Beverley Town Shopper Shuttle will not operate.
  • EYMS Service 64 will have an extra journey from Hull to Castle Hill Hospital at 0615, returning at 0701
  • EYMS Service X46 will have an extra journey from Pocklington to York at 0725
  • EYMS Service X57 will have an extra journey from Gilberdyke to Hull at 0708, with the 0855 X56 Elloughton to Goole starting in Hull at 0820
  • EYMS Friday and Saturday evening only journeys on routes 18, 75, 121 and X47 shall not operate (i.e. a normal Thursday evening service will operate)
  • Stagecoach Service 25 in North East Lincolnshire will operate a normal Thursday service
  • York Pullman Service X36 will operate a normal Thursday service
(As a result the usual Thursday variation to Stagecoach service 260 'Barton Villager' will not be provided, meaning no East Halton-Barton service between Christmas and New Year. The Dam Road area of Barton which is also served by the 260 on Thursday's is at least served by the Barton Town Service on Wednesday and Friday).

Friday 30th - A Saturday service will be provided, except BusKing and Hornsby Travel who will provide a normal Friday service. There are exceptions as follows:

  • EYMS Services 360, 361, S1, S2 and S3 will operate a normal Friday service
  • EYMS Services 106, 107, 143, 160, 195, X36 and the Beverley Town Shopper Shuttle will not operate
  • EYMS Service 64 will have an extra journey from Hull to Castle Hill Hospital at 0615, returning at 0701
  • EYMS Service X46 will have an extra journey from Pocklington to York at 0725
  • EYMS Service X57 will have an extra journey from Gilberdyke to Hull at 0708, with the 0855 X56 Elloughton to Goole starting in Hull at 0820
  • Stagecoach service 25 in North East Lincolnshire will operate a normal Friday service
  • York Pullman Service X36 will operate a normal Friday service
New Years Eve - Normal Saturday service with an early evening finish around 6-8pm. Stagecoach will not be providing their usual limited evening and nightbuses in Hull this year.

New Years Day - Special afternoon and evening services will be provided on certain routes in the Hull area only, in connection with events to mark the start of Hull City of Culture 2017:

34: Hull-Willerby
56: Hull-Longhill-Asda Bilton
57: Hull-Hessle
62: Hull-Setting Dyke
66: Hull-Hessle
105: Hull-Cottingham Green (not The Lawns)
115: Hull-Cottingham Burton Road (not Castle Hill Hospital)
151: Hull-Anlaby-Willerby
Each route will have 4 journeys each way, providing late afternoon journeys into Hull, and teatime/late evening returns.

1: Hull-Boothferry Estate - Half Hourly afternoon service
2: Hull-Boothferry Estate - Half Hourly afternoon service
3: Hull-Greatfield - Every 20 minutes afternoon service
3: Hull-Orchard Park - Half Hourly afternoon service
4: Hull-Bilton Grange - Half Hourly afternoon service
4: Hull-Orchard Park - Half Hourly afternoon service
5: Hull-Orchard Park-Kingswood - Every 20 minutes afternoon service
7: Hull-Sutton Park-North Point-Kingswood - Half Hourly afternoon service
10: Hull-North Point-North Bransholme - Half Hourly afternoon service
11: Hull-North Point-Kingswood - Half Hourly afternoon service
12: Hull-North Point - Half Hourly afternoon service
14: Hull-Greatfield - Half Hourly afternoon service
All services then have evening journeys from Paragon Interchange on an 'as required by passenger' basis, from 2045 onwards.
Park and Ride will also operate every 15 minutes in the afternoon, and again mid-evening.

Bank Holiday Monday 2nd - A Sunday service will be provided. First York will provide a half hourly frequency on service 10 to Stamford Bridge.

Monday, 12 December 2016

EYMS 106/107 Changes

When Hull University term resumes in January, EYMS will be adding a new journey to Saturday 'nightbus' 106; the current 4 year round journeys from Hull City Centre to Cottingham will be supplemented by a new late evening departure from The Lawns Halls of Residence in Cottingham at 2250 to Spiders Nightclub on Cleveland Street in Hull, operating via Cottingham Green, Hull University, Beverley Road, Bond Street in Hull City Centre and Club Valbon. This new journey will only operate during university term times, starting January 21st, and unlike the existing service 106 journeys will not serve the residential areas in West Cottingham.

However at the same time 'term-time' nightbus 107 from Hull University to the The Lawns will no longer have 0345 and 0415 departures from the University on Saturday night/Sunday morning, with the last departure from the University at 0315. The 0345 and 0415 journeys were only introduced in October.

Saturday, 10 December 2016

East Riding Bus Cuts final proposals

Earlier this year I covered (here, here and here), potential cuts to subsidised bus services by East Riding of Yorkshire Council (ERYC). On Tuesday 13th December, the council cabinet will consider the final proposals. Most of the proposed cuts will go ahead as planned if approved, but some contracts have been 'saved' and demand responsive services will be introduced as partial replacement in parts of the county to avoid villages being left entirely unserved. Whilst a couple of decisions appear questionable, it is good to see some mitigation from the original proposals. The supporting papers for the cabinet contain extensive information, so I have picked out some key and interesting points.

The following services proposed for withdrawal entirely will now continue:
  • 124: Boynton-Driffield/Ruston Parva-Bridlington Wednesday and Thursday 'shopper' service - villages would have been left unserved by the bus network - average 6 passengers per journey at a cost of £2.49 per passenger journey
  • 173: Withernsea-Hull Saturday 'shopper' service - villages would have been left unserved by the bus network - average 18 passengers per journey at a cost of £4.05 per passengerjourney
  • 196: Aughton-York Tuesday 'shopper' service - may change day of operation, villages would have been left unserved by the bus network - average 18 passengers per journey at a cost of £2.18 per passenger journey
  • 486/487: Selby-Hensall-Snaith Monday and Friday 'shopper' circular - reason given as "Accept NYCC tender for local bus service (Cost Reduction)", has been costing 43p per passenger journey with an average 20 passengers
  • 488: Selby-Goole Wednesday 'shopper' service - reason given as "Accept NYCC tender for local bus service (Cost Reduction)", has been costing £2.47 per passenger journey with an average 17 passengers
Additionally the Monday, Wednesday and Friday diversion of the 221 Aldbrough-Hull via Garton will be retained to retain a link from the village to Hull. This diversion has an average zero passengers per journey, 97 annual passengers and a £8.79 per passenger journey cost. Why is this being funded still with such low usage, and why 3 days a week? If retaining such a little used service is valued so much, why not just fund it one day a week?

The following service groups have amended proposals:

45/46 Bridlington-Driffield-Pocklington-York:
  • The Saturday 0905 46A Pocklington-Driffield will no longer be funded between Midldeton on the Wolds and Driffield as previously proposed, and neither will the return 1255 46A Driffield-York between Driffield and Market Weighton. The weekday equivalent is not impacted.
  • The Monday to Saturday 1345 45 York-Bridlington will no longer be funded between Pocklington and Bridlington, as previously proposed, along with the return 1545 46 Bridlington-York between Bridlington and Pocklington.
  • The Monday to Saturday 1635 45 Bridlington-York will now continue to be funded but be retimed and rerouted via Bainton and Middleton on the Wolds to partially replace the 1545 departure from Bridlington. The return 1835 45 York-Bridlington will also continue to be funded. The justification given is the "adverse effect on journeys to work"
  • Subsidised evening and Sunday services will no longer be funded as per the original proposals
78/79/80/277 Hull-Hedon:
  • The Saturday 0640 277 Hull to Hedon and return 0727 79 will have funding withdrawn as planned.
  • Funding for the weekday 1102 and 1452 service 78's from Hedon to Hull to operate via Paull will cease as planned, but funding for the 1302 from Hedon to serve Paull will be retained, for Paull residents travelling back from Hedon. Remaining Hedon-Hull services via Paull will potentially be at 0827, 1002, 1302 and 1722 (depending on any commercial changes)
  • On Saturday's funding for the 0827, 1002 and 1452 service 78's from Hedon to serve Paull will be withdrawn, but funding for the 1302 retained. Remaining Hedon-Hull services via Paull will potentially be at 0915, 1102, 1302 and 1722
  • Weekday service 80 will still have funding withdrawn for diversions via Paull or the Westlands Estate in Hedon
  • The Stagecoach operated Monday to Saturday evening service would no longer be funded, except for the 1810 78 Hull to Hedon and 1850 277 Hedon to Hull return, which was proposed to have it's funding withdrawn along with the rest of the service. This is for the benefit of commuters and was 'mooted' as a possibility in the original consultation.
  • The Sunday service will have funding withdrawn entirely as originally planned.
142 Beverley-Middleton on the Wolds:
  • The Saturday extensions from Holme to Middleton on the Wolds will be retained. This service has an average 1 passenger per journey at a cost of £7.77 per passenger journey and has a weekday alternative. I do question if retaining these extensions is the best of use money with such low usage and an available alternative during the week.
  • Sunday services will have funding withdrawn as planned
246: Hornsea-Beverley-Hull:
  • Funding for the weekday 0605 Hornsea-Beverley and the 0700 Beverley-Hornsea as far as Brandesburton will be retained for commuters.
  • Funding for the Monday to Saturday 0635, 1030, 1230 and 1430 Hornsea-Hull between Hornsea and Beverley, the 1915 Hornsea-Beverley, the 0815 Beverley-Hornsea (Sat only) and the 0940, 1140, 1340 and 1750 Hull to Hornsea between Beverley and Hornsea will be withdrawn as planned, leaving a 2 hourly daytime services and limited later evening journeys.
  • Funding for Sunday journeys will be withdrawn as planned.
All other services proposed to have funding withdrawn will see their funding withdrawn as planned subject to ERYC's cabinet approving the final proposals.

Interestingly the following contracts being withdrawn received no comments during EYRC's consultation:
  • 270: Driffield-Beeford
  • 517: Bridlington Town Service, one peak journey
  • 523: Beverley-Molescroft, Sunday
  • 549: Withernsea Town Service
  • Village Link services in Holderness
Finally ERYC have published EYMS's response to the consultation earlier this year. They question the heavy weighting against evening and Sunday services with less people working the traditional 9-5 Monday to Friday schedule. They also question the effectiveness of demand responsive services as replacements to traditional bus services (as opposed to supplementing them); EYMS's submission note they are difficult to market to non-residents and of little use for short notice travel. A 2003 service in the Pocklington area is noted as having been replaced by traditional bus services at lower cost. 

EYMS state they will put any service due have funding withdrawn into one of three categories:
  • 'Free standing' services with no commercial future - these will be withdrawn, with the Market Weighton shopper services S1/S2/S3 quoted as an example.
  • 'Minor supplements to current commercial services' - these will be considered for continued commercial operation, with the Sunday morning service 105 quoted as an example
  • 'Major supplements to current commercial services' - these will require timetable recasts with services 45/46 and 246 quoted as examples.
EYMS then note that the loss of withdrawn contracts means margins "will fall well below the level that is essential for EYMS to continue to replace its assets". Most of the 'at-risk' services are off-peak, limiting vehicle savings to 4 and meaning a lower utilisation of vehicles. "Further economies from the commercial network are inevitable". EYMS state only a third of lost revenue will be covered by fuel and wage savings. Ominous.

EYMS included some financial information:
2013 Net Profit - £652,0000
2014 Turnover - £30.8 million
2014 Net Profit - £694,000
2015 Turnover - £29.93 million
2015 Net Profit - £156,000 (0.5% of turnover)
Capital spend on buses since January 2014 - £5 million

And also this interesting nugget:
Since 2002 bus speeds in Hull have slowed from 10.8mph to 9.1mph. The current network could be operated with 15% fewer buses if traffic conditions returned what they were in 2002/3.

Saturday, 3 December 2016

Selwyn Motors 292 withdrawn

Some sad news to report - the long standing 292 Saturday service from Belton to Doncaster via Epworth and Sandtoft operated by Selwyn Motors is being withdrawn at the end of the year. The service provides an 0945 departure from Belton, arriving in Doncaster at 1042, with the return service leaving Doncaster at 1600.

From North Lincolnshire Council:

292The Belton to Doncaster service will stop operating on 31 December 2016.  Passengers who wish to travel to Doncaster can contact CallConnect

Sunday, 20 November 2016

EYMS 23 Axed

After operation on Saturday 26th November, EYMS will cease Hull service 23, which was introduced on 11th April this year, providing an hourly off peak Monday to Saturday service between Hull Interchange, Chanterlands Avenue, Fairfax Avenue, Cottingham Road, Chanterlands Avenue North, Chanterlands Avenue and Hull Interchange. It was the only bus service for Fairfax Avenue and Chanterlands Avenue North.

EYMS say the withdrawal is due to low passenger numbers. At least they tried. I guess the more frequent bus services available in the area were more attractive. From the top of both Fairfax Avenue and Chanterlands Avenue North, EYMS services 103 and 105 on Cottingham Road are only a short walk away, whilst from the bottom of both roads Stagecoach service 3 is only a short walk away.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Service 150 Axed

From January, Stagecoach service 150 between East Halton and Immingham, via North Killingholme, South Killingholme and Habrough, will cease operating as part of major changes to associated service 5 between Grimsby and Immingham, with no replacement being provided. The 150 currently provides 3 Monday to Saturday daytime journeys that upon arrival in Immingham become a through service 5 to Grimsby. North Lincolnshire Council have released the following press release this week:
Council steps in to keep East Halton and North Killingholme connected

18 November 2016

From 31 December 2016, the 150 bus service from East Halton to Immingham will no longer run. North Lincolnshire Council has stepped in to keep East Halton and North Killingholme residents connected.

Stagecoach East Midlands – the operator of the 150 bus – has decided to stop the service and to extend the frequency of their number 5 bus between Immingham and Grimsby, via South Killingholme. From January 2017, the number 5 bus will run every 20 minutes.

Residents in East Halton and North Killingholme can use the new CallConnect flexible bus service to get out and about whenever they want. They can hop on the purple CallConnect bus to go shopping in Barton or Immingham, visit friends in other villages, or to connect to the number 5 bus to get to Grimsby.

The CallConnect bus has no set route or timetable and residents can register with the service and then book a journey for anytime between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

You can register with CallConnect online now. Once registered, you can book your journeys between an hour and a week in advance, online or through the booking centre on 0345 2638139.

Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for Environment at North Lincolnshire Council, said:
“We know that buses can be a lifeline in rural communities and we do not want residents in East Halton or North Killingholme to feel isolated after the cancellation of the 150 service. We are stepping in and encouraging residents to sign up to use the CallConnect bus service.

“The advantage of CallConnect over a conventional bus service is that you can choose where you want to go and book your journey at a time that suits you. CallConnect has proved to be very popular in North Lincolnshire with over 1,700 already registered to use the service. It gives people the freedom and independence to get out and about whenever they want.”

CallConnect is available in North Lincolnshire across Ferry ward; Brigg, Caistor and Ridge ward; East Butterwick; Barton, Burton upon Stather and Winterton; and, the Isle of Axholme.
The background to this is that Stagecoach and North East Lincolnshire Council and Stagecoach have secured Department for Transport funding to increase the daytime frequency of service 5 between Grimsby and Immingham from half hourly to every 15 minutes, although according to the above North Lincolnshire Council (NLC) press release it will be every 20 minutes. At the same time half hourly extensions will serve the new Able UK development at Killingholme, the CATCH training facility and Phillips 66 Oil Refinery - linking people to jobs and education.

As I noted at the time, Able UK and Philips 66 would not easily be served by the same half hourly extension as that to CATCH, which left the question of what would happen to the South Killingholme extensions to service 5, and to the associated 150 and 450. Service 450 has had amendments registered with VOSA, so must be staying in some form or another, and I assume from NLC's press release that South Killingholme will continue to be served, although surely as an extension of Grimsby to Immingham services rather than as an 'en-route' destination as implied by NLC? Service 150 clearly hasn't survived the changes however. Overall the changes look set to benefit more people than are disadvantaged, but that won't mean much to service 150's users.

However I don't see how NLC can accurately claim to be "stepping in to keep ... residents connected". Callconnect is not new, it started earlier this year. All NLC are doing is promoting an existing service - and oddly not mentioning that East Halton's other daytime bus service, a Thursday only diversion to service 260 that provides a link to Barton. Surely an ideal time to promote this?

Sunday, 13 November 2016

EYMS MX1 details

EYMS have released details of new service MX1 between Pocklington and Monks Cross, York. It will operate between Saturday 26th November and Sunday 31st December on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, for Christmas and post-Christmas sales shopping, serving Barmby Moor, Wilberfoss, Kexby and Dunnington en-route. At Monks Cross, the Shopping Park, the Vangarde Shopping Park and Sainsburys will all be served. Connections are available at Pocklington from service X46 from Hull, Beverley and Market Weighton.

The Monday, Wednesday and Thursday timetable comprises a single journey in each direction, leaving Pocklington at 1035 and Monks Cross Vangarde Shopping Park at 1310, giving shoppers around 2 hours at Monks Cross. I presume these times are to fit in between school services. On Saturdays the timetable is more extensive with departures from Pocklington at 1035, 1235 and 1435, and from Monks Cross Vangarde Shopping Park at 1310, 1510 and 1710. The Saturday timetable will also apply between Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th December inclusive (EYMS normally run a Saturday service on most routes on the normal working days between Christmas and New Year).

The Saturday 1035 would appear to return out of service from Monks Cross to Pocklington and likewise the 1710 would appear to require an out of service trip from Pocklington to Monks Cross. Understandable for a temporary Christmas service aimed at Monks Cross shoppers, but if the service was ever made year round running these journeys in service may be useful for local travel between Pocklington and Dunnington. Lets hope a permanent MX1 will be a realistic possibility after this temporary period of operation! Maybe even a similar service to the Designer Outlet South of York, which could route via the University of York campus for additional custom?

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Interconnect 51 Reduction

From tomorrow, Monday 31st October, the hourly Monday to Saturday Grimsby to Tetney journeys on Stagecoach Interconnect service 51 will no longer operate, with the main Grimsby to Louth journeys unaffected. As a result the frequency between Grimsby and Holton Le Clay reduces from half hourly to hourly, and Tetney's only conventional bus service will be provided by limited service 50.

Stagecoach 9 Changes

Stagecoach are revising Monday to Saturday service 9 in East Hull from tomorrow, Monday 31st October, following cuts to subsidised bus service funding by Hull City Council. Aside from some minor retimings, the West Hull and Cottingham part of the service is unchanged.

The current 9k variation becomes a service 9a, following it's current route in East Hull between Hull Paragon Interchange and Leads Road before routing via Robson Way, Howdale Road, Kestrel Avenue and Noddle Hill Way to North Point Shopping Centre, as opposed to the current 9k which routes via Dorchester Road to North Point before operating a clockwise loop via Noddle Hill Way, Kestrel Avenue, Howdale Road and Robson Way back to North Point. The 9a will opeate hourly off peak, as the 9k did, and combine with service 9 to provide a half hourly service over common sections of route in Garden Village and an almost half hourly service on Leads Road. Daytime service 9 will also cease to serve Dorchester Road and instead operate direct via Midmere Avenue from Leads Road to North Point.

The current 0750 service 9 from Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham to North Point becomes a 0750 from Castle Hill to Paragon Interchange and a 0845 service 9a from Paragon Interchange to North Point, replacing the withdrawn 0915 9k from Paragon Interchange. The weekday only 0845 service 9 from James Reckitt Avenue to Paragon Interchange will also operate on Saturdays and extends to Castle Hill, replacing the 0915 from Paragon Interchange to Castle Hill. The Saturday only service 9 from Paragon Interchange to Noddle Hill at 1615 will operate as a 9a to North Point, providing a later last service for Howdale Road and Kestrel Avenue. There are minor retimings to other journeys as well, including the peak time journeys to Noddle Hill which have not been rerouted.

East Hull Changes

Halloween (Monday 31st October) sees some major changes to certain services in East Hull, with a selection of good and bad news.

EYMS had won Hull City Council tendered service 16 from Stagecoach. The route links Hull Paragon Interchange with the Marina, Victoria Dock, Newbridge Road, the Preston Road Estate and Marfleet Village, operating every hour Monday to Saturday daytimes, but with a reduction to two hourly after the morning peak planned with the start of EYMS's new contract.

Now Stagecoach have registered a revised service 16 commercially. The 'new' 16 will continue to operate hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, and will now serve the new Siemens factory. The revised route will however cease to serve Hull Marina, the Humber View part of Victoria Dock and Marfleet Village. In the Preston Road Estate a clockwise circular will be provided via Preston Road, Holmpton Grove, St John's Grove, Exeter Grove and Southcoates Lane. These changes enable an hourly service to provide with one vehicle, unlike the previous timetable that was an 85 minute round trip.

To continue providing a service to Hull Marina and the Humber View area of Victoria Dock, Hull City Council are subsidising the diversion of EYMS operated journeys on service 78 between Hull and Hedon on Monday to Saturdays only to serve these areas. Stagecoach Monday to Saturday evening and EYMS Sunday daytime services on route 78 will omit Hull Marina and only serve part of Victoria Dock, as at present. These changes provide Hull Marina and Humber View with a roughly two hourly daytime service, which they would have received off peak had the originally planned cuts to service 16 taken place.

In addition EYMS are also starting services to the Siemens factory, with Monday to Saturday journeys on service 78 as well as infrequent Monday to Saturday service 79 and infrequent weekday service 80 all serving the site. Again Stagecoach Monday to Saturday evening and EYMS Sunday daytime services on route 78 will omit this new section of route.

Due to the changes to services 78 and 79, most times on these routes have changed by up to 10 minutes, as have those on associated service 277 between Hull and Hedon via Bilton.

I don't know what the net impact on Hull City Council's budget is, but good news for access to the Siemens factory and good news for the part of Victoria Dock that retains the 16, Newbridge Road and the Preston Road Estate which avoid a planned off peak frequency reduction to the 16. Bad news for Hull Marina and Humber View, though frequency cuts would have happened if the 16 was still serving these areas, bad news for Hedon and Paull to Hull City Centre travellers who will have slightly longer journey times (but if it helps improve the viability of the 78 maybe a good thing?), and very bad news for Marfleet Village whose residents will now have to walk to Hedon Road to access bus services.