Saturday, 3 December 2016

Selwyn Motors 292 withdrawn

Some sad news to report - the long standing 292 Saturday service from Belton to Doncaster via Epworth and Sandtoft operated by Selwyn Motors is being withdrawn at the end of the year. The service provides an 0945 departure from Belton, arriving in Doncaster at 1042, with the return service leaving Doncaster at 1600.

From North Lincolnshire Council:

292The Belton to Doncaster service will stop operating on 31 December 2016.  Passengers who wish to travel to Doncaster can contact CallConnect

Sunday, 20 November 2016

EYMS 23 Axed

After operation on Saturday 26th November, EYMS will cease Hull service 23, which was introduced on 11th April this year, providing an hourly off peak Monday to Saturday service between Hull Interchange, Chanterlands Avenue, Fairfax Avenue, Cottingham Road, Chanterlands Avenue North, Chanterlands Avenue and Hull Interchange. It was the only bus service for Fairfax Avenue and Chanterlands Avenue North.

EYMS say the withdrawal is due to low passenger numbers. At least they tried. I guess the more frequent bus services available in the area were more attractive. From the top of both Fairfax Avenue and Chanterlands Avenue North, EYMS services 103 and 105 on Cottingham Road are only a short walk away, whilst from the bottom of both roads Stagecoach service 3 is only a short walk away.

Saturday, 19 November 2016

Service 150 Axed

From January, Stagecoach service 150 between East Halton and Immingham, via North Killingholme, South Killingholme and Habrough, will cease operating as part of major changes to associated service 5 between Grimsby and Immingham, with no replacement being provided. The 150 currently provides 3 Monday to Saturday daytime journeys that upon arrival in Immingham become a through service 5 to Grimsby. North Lincolnshire Council have released the following press release this week:
Council steps in to keep East Halton and North Killingholme connected

18 November 2016

From 31 December 2016, the 150 bus service from East Halton to Immingham will no longer run. North Lincolnshire Council has stepped in to keep East Halton and North Killingholme residents connected.

Stagecoach East Midlands – the operator of the 150 bus – has decided to stop the service and to extend the frequency of their number 5 bus between Immingham and Grimsby, via South Killingholme. From January 2017, the number 5 bus will run every 20 minutes.

Residents in East Halton and North Killingholme can use the new CallConnect flexible bus service to get out and about whenever they want. They can hop on the purple CallConnect bus to go shopping in Barton or Immingham, visit friends in other villages, or to connect to the number 5 bus to get to Grimsby.

The CallConnect bus has no set route or timetable and residents can register with the service and then book a journey for anytime between 7am and 7pm, Monday to Friday and from 8am to 6pm on Saturdays.

You can register with CallConnect online now. Once registered, you can book your journeys between an hour and a week in advance, online or through the booking centre on 0345 2638139.

Cllr Neil Poole, cabinet member for Environment at North Lincolnshire Council, said:
“We know that buses can be a lifeline in rural communities and we do not want residents in East Halton or North Killingholme to feel isolated after the cancellation of the 150 service. We are stepping in and encouraging residents to sign up to use the CallConnect bus service.

“The advantage of CallConnect over a conventional bus service is that you can choose where you want to go and book your journey at a time that suits you. CallConnect has proved to be very popular in North Lincolnshire with over 1,700 already registered to use the service. It gives people the freedom and independence to get out and about whenever they want.”

CallConnect is available in North Lincolnshire across Ferry ward; Brigg, Caistor and Ridge ward; East Butterwick; Barton, Burton upon Stather and Winterton; and, the Isle of Axholme.
The background to this is that Stagecoach and North East Lincolnshire Council and Stagecoach have secured Department for Transport funding to increase the daytime frequency of service 5 between Grimsby and Immingham from half hourly to every 15 minutes, although according to the above North Lincolnshire Council (NLC) press release it will be every 20 minutes. At the same time half hourly extensions will serve the new Able UK development at Killingholme, the CATCH training facility and Phillips 66 Oil Refinery - linking people to jobs and education.

As I noted at the time, Able UK and Philips 66 would not easily be served by the same half hourly extension as that to CATCH, which left the question of what would happen to the South Killingholme extensions to service 5, and to the associated 150 and 450. Service 450 has had amendments registered with VOSA, so must be staying in some form or another, and I assume from NLC's press release that South Killingholme will continue to be served, although surely as an extension of Grimsby to Immingham services rather than as an 'en-route' destination as implied by NLC? Service 150 clearly hasn't survived the changes however. Overall the changes look set to benefit more people than are disadvantaged, but that won't mean much to service 150's users.

However I don't see how NLC can accurately claim to be "stepping in to keep ... residents connected". Callconnect is not new, it started earlier this year. All NLC are doing is promoting an existing service - and oddly not mentioning that East Halton's other daytime bus service, a Thursday only diversion to service 260 that provides a link to Barton. Surely an ideal time to promote this?

Sunday, 13 November 2016

EYMS MX1 details

EYMS have released details of new service MX1 between Pocklington and Monks Cross, York. It will operate between Saturday 26th November and Sunday 31st December on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday, for Christmas and post-Christmas sales shopping, serving Barmby Moor, Wilberfoss, Kexby and Dunnington en-route. At Monks Cross, the Shopping Park, the Vangarde Shopping Park and Sainsburys will all be served. Connections are available at Pocklington from service X46 from Hull, Beverley and Market Weighton.

The Monday, Wednesday and Thursday timetable comprises a single journey in each direction, leaving Pocklington at 1035 and Monks Cross Vangarde Shopping Park at 1310, giving shoppers around 2 hours at Monks Cross. I presume these times are to fit in between school services. On Saturdays the timetable is more extensive with departures from Pocklington at 1035, 1235 and 1435, and from Monks Cross Vangarde Shopping Park at 1310, 1510 and 1710. The Saturday timetable will also apply between Wednesday 28th and Friday 30th December inclusive (EYMS normally run a Saturday service on most routes on the normal working days between Christmas and New Year).

The Saturday 1035 would appear to return out of service from Monks Cross to Pocklington and likewise the 1710 would appear to require an out of service trip from Pocklington to Monks Cross. Understandable for a temporary Christmas service aimed at Monks Cross shoppers, but if the service was ever made year round running these journeys in service may be useful for local travel between Pocklington and Dunnington. Lets hope a permanent MX1 will be a realistic possibility after this temporary period of operation! Maybe even a similar service to the Designer Outlet South of York, which could route via the University of York campus for additional custom?

Sunday, 30 October 2016

Interconnect 51 Reduction

From tomorrow, Monday 31st October, the hourly Monday to Saturday Grimsby to Tetney journeys on Stagecoach Interconnect service 51 will no longer operate, with the main Grimsby to Louth journeys unaffected. As a result the frequency between Grimsby and Holton Le Clay reduces from half hourly to hourly, and Tetney's only conventional bus service will be provided by limited service 50.

Stagecoach 9 Changes

Stagecoach are revising Monday to Saturday service 9 in East Hull from tomorrow, Monday 31st October, following cuts to subsidised bus service funding by Hull City Council. Aside from some minor retimings, the West Hull and Cottingham part of the service is unchanged.

The current 9k variation becomes a service 9a, following it's current route in East Hull between Hull Paragon Interchange and Leads Road before routing via Robson Way, Howdale Road, Kestrel Avenue and Noddle Hill Way to North Point Shopping Centre, as opposed to the current 9k which routes via Dorchester Road to North Point before operating a clockwise loop via Noddle Hill Way, Kestrel Avenue, Howdale Road and Robson Way back to North Point. The 9a will opeate hourly off peak, as the 9k did, and combine with service 9 to provide a half hourly service over common sections of route in Garden Village and an almost half hourly service on Leads Road. Daytime service 9 will also cease to serve Dorchester Road and instead operate direct via Midmere Avenue from Leads Road to North Point.

The current 0750 service 9 from Castle Hill Hospital in Cottingham to North Point becomes a 0750 from Castle Hill to Paragon Interchange and a 0845 service 9a from Paragon Interchange to North Point, replacing the withdrawn 0915 9k from Paragon Interchange. The weekday only 0845 service 9 from James Reckitt Avenue to Paragon Interchange will also operate on Saturdays and extends to Castle Hill, replacing the 0915 from Paragon Interchange to Castle Hill. The Saturday only service 9 from Paragon Interchange to Noddle Hill at 1615 will operate as a 9a to North Point, providing a later last service for Howdale Road and Kestrel Avenue. There are minor retimings to other journeys as well, including the peak time journeys to Noddle Hill which have not been rerouted.

East Hull Changes

Halloween (Monday 31st October) sees some major changes to certain services in East Hull, with a selection of good and bad news.

EYMS had won Hull City Council tendered service 16 from Stagecoach. The route links Hull Paragon Interchange with the Marina, Victoria Dock, Newbridge Road, the Preston Road Estate and Marfleet Village, operating every hour Monday to Saturday daytimes, but with a reduction to two hourly after the morning peak planned with the start of EYMS's new contract.

Now Stagecoach have registered a revised service 16 commercially. The 'new' 16 will continue to operate hourly Monday to Saturday daytimes, and will now serve the new Siemens factory. The revised route will however cease to serve Hull Marina, the Humber View part of Victoria Dock and Marfleet Village. In the Preston Road Estate a clockwise circular will be provided via Preston Road, Holmpton Grove, St John's Grove, Exeter Grove and Southcoates Lane. These changes enable an hourly service to provide with one vehicle, unlike the previous timetable that was an 85 minute round trip.

To continue providing a service to Hull Marina and the Humber View area of Victoria Dock, Hull City Council are subsidising the diversion of EYMS operated journeys on service 78 between Hull and Hedon on Monday to Saturdays only to serve these areas. Stagecoach Monday to Saturday evening and EYMS Sunday daytime services on route 78 will omit Hull Marina and only serve part of Victoria Dock, as at present. These changes provide Hull Marina and Humber View with a roughly two hourly daytime service, which they would have received off peak had the originally planned cuts to service 16 taken place.

In addition EYMS are also starting services to the Siemens factory, with Monday to Saturday journeys on service 78 as well as infrequent Monday to Saturday service 79 and infrequent weekday service 80 all serving the site. Again Stagecoach Monday to Saturday evening and EYMS Sunday daytime services on route 78 will omit this new section of route.

Due to the changes to services 78 and 79, most times on these routes have changed by up to 10 minutes, as have those on associated service 277 between Hull and Hedon via Bilton.

I don't know what the net impact on Hull City Council's budget is, but good news for access to the Siemens factory and good news for the part of Victoria Dock that retains the 16, Newbridge Road and the Preston Road Estate which avoid a planned off peak frequency reduction to the 16. Bad news for Hull Marina and Humber View, though frequency cuts would have happened if the 16 was still serving these areas, bad news for Hedon and Paull to Hull City Centre travellers who will have slightly longer journey times (but if it helps improve the viability of the 78 maybe a good thing?), and very bad news for Marfleet Village whose residents will now have to walk to Hedon Road to access bus services.

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Grimsby Service 11 withdrawn

Today (Saturday 29th October), Stagecoach service 11 in Grimsby operated for the last time. The route was introduced in May linking Grimsby Town Centre, Grimsby Hospital and the Matthew Telford Park residential area, operating Monday to Saturday morning and early afternoons. It had been funded by North East Lincolnshire Council but had not been used sufficiently.

Matthew Telford Park is not being left totally without bus services though. In addition to a Phone 'n' Ride demand responsive service, Stagecoach operated Lincolnshire County Council tendered service 25 from Ludford and Binbrook to Grimsby is being diverted via Matthew Telford Park from Monday 31st October. This will provide one weekday peak service and one Tuesday/Friday/Saturday daytime service to and from Grimsby Town Centre, which while not much is better than nothing and will be an option for some commuters, unlike service 11.

Sunday, 23 October 2016

1D and 1E become 21 and 51

After operation on Saturday 29th October, EYMS services 1D and 1E operated under contract to Hull City Council will be replaced by new services 21 and 51, starting on Monday 31st October and also operated under contract to Hull City Council. EYMS say the change has been made to help services keep to time, and at the request of Hull City Council. To operate the revised services using the current two vehicles, cutbacks have been made, though there are some improvements as well.

Currently the 1D and 1E offer a combined hourly Monday to Saturday daytime frequency between Mizzen Road/Compass Road in North Hull, Beverley Road, Bridlington Avenue, Hull City Centre, Hull Royal Infirmary, Hessle Road Asda, Askew Avenue and Sibelius Road in West Hull. In West Hull journeys alternate between serving Boulevard, Selby Street and St Georges Road (service 1E) or Hawthorn Avenue and North Road (service 1D).

New service 21 will replace the North Hull parts of services 1D and 1E, but extending at the northern end of the route to Kingswood Retail Park, a link previously provided by service 1C. The frequency will be reduced to every 90 minutes off peak, with hourly peak time journeys not extending to Kingswood.

Service 51 will replace the 1E in West Hull, also operating every 90 minutes Monday to Saturday daytimes (every 80 minutes late afternoon). Service 1D via Hawthorn Avenue and North Road is not being replaced, leaving these roads without a bus service. As a result whilst the sections of route served by both the 1D and 1E see a reduction in frequency, those areas served only by the two hourly 1E gain a frequency increase.

Saturday, 22 October 2016

EYMS 50 Revised

Following the award of a new tender by Hull City Council, EYMS Monday to Saturday service 50 in Hull will be revised from Monday 31st October. It will continue to operate between Holderness Road Morrisons, Broadway Drive, Jalland Lodge (Bilton Grange), James Reckitt Avenue, Laburnum Avenue, Holderness Road and Hull Paragon Interchange, but Gillshill Road and Lambwath Road will no longer be served. The Lambwath Road diversion was introduced after Stagecoach service 53 was withdrawn, but this was later replaced with service 9k.

The timetable will also be revised, with one less journey on Saturdays. The current 0910 from Holderness Road/Mount Pleasant to Morrisons, and 1045, 1230, 1415 (Sat Only) and 1640 from Hull Interchange to Morrisons are replaced by departures from Hull Interchange at 0900, 1030, 1200 and 1330. From Morrisons departures at 0950, 1135, 1320, 1505 (Sat Only) and 1725 become 0940, 1110, 1240 and 1410. This is a more memorable timetable but with a shorter operating period.

Sunday, 2 October 2016

Extra Uni Nightbuses

From the first full week of October, EYMS will add extra journeys to it's 107 nightbus service between the University of Hull, Cottingham and The Lawns student accommodation. The service operates during university terms on Wednesday and Saturday nights (Thursday and Sunday morning). The timetable now has departures from the University at 0145, 0215, 0245, 0315 (Sat only), 0345 (New, Sat only) and 0415 (New, Sat only).

A Cancellation and a Registration.

Two interesting VOSA registrations from EYMS that appeared on Friday:

Cancellation Accepted: Operating between Hull Interchange and Fairfax Avenue given service number 23 effective from 28-Nov-2016.

Registration Accepted
  • Starting Point: Pocklington
  • Finish Point: Monks Cross
  • Via: Wilberfoss, Dunnington
  • Service Number: MX1
  • Service Type: Normal Stopping
  • Effective Date: 26-NOV-2016
  • Other Details: New Service
Health Warning: VOSA registration summaries don't always show the 'full' story of what is happening.

The 23 was started earlier this year to reintroduce a bus service for Chanterlands Avenue North and Fairfax Avenue in Hull. Monks Cross is a large retail park in North East York, which means the Saturday start date of the service makes sense. It will be interesting to see if the MX1 operates on any other days of the week, and if it is just a temporary Christmas service or an attempt to start a new permanent service.

Sunday, 25 September 2016

Wolds Villager returns to Humberside Airport

From tomorrow, Monday 26th September, the weekday 68 Wolds Villager service operated by Hornsby Travel on behalf of North Lincolnshire Council will resume serving Humberside Airport. The service otherwise links Brigg with Wrawby, Barnetby, Melton Ross, Kirmington, Croxton, Wootton and Ulceby.

The areas road network has suffered major disruption in the past couple of years, with a weight restriction on the A18 Melton Ross rail bridge and the construction of a new roundabout at Barnetby Top, which has necessitated temporary timetables for the 68 focused on serving local villages. With the weight restriction lifted earlier this year and the roundabout complete, the 68 once again has time to serve Humberside Airport without compromising frequency.

Departures from Brigg Cary Lane are at 0955 (to Humberside Airport), 1055 to Humberside Airport, 1155 (to Kirmington or Ulceby), 1410 (to Kirmington), 1515 (School Hols, to Barnetby) and 1615 (to Barnetby). In the opposite direction there are departures at 0750 from Barnetby, 0919 from Kirmington (starts Ulceby on Tue+Thu), 1020 and 1120 from Humberside Airport, 1252 from Kirmington (starts Ulceby Tue+Thu), 1438 from Kirmington and 1530 (School Hols) and 1630 from Barnetby. Some afternoon journeys also serve Brigg Leisure Centre.

As can be seen the timetable isn't that useful for Humberside Airport, and it is more a case of as the service is passing by it might as well serve the airport, or use it as a convenient place to turn around. When combined with the demand responsive Call Connect service the 68 may be off more use for the airport, or as means of connecting onto the Humber Flyer which serves the airport.

There will be more disruption to the local road network in the coming years as the Melton Ross rail bridge needs replacing, but this should be minimal as the new bridge will be slightly north of the existing one.

Sunday, 18 September 2016

EYMS Anlaby Morning Peak Improvements

EYMS are improving the morning peak service from Anlaby into Hull from Monday 26th September. There is a new weekday 0802 from Anlaby on service 152, plugging a 40 minute gap in what is otherwise a 20 minute frequency.

In addition, this new journey, the weekday 0645 and 0715 and Saturday 0855 and 0925 service 152's from Anlaby will serve the Anlaby 'loop', via Lowfield Road, Beverley Road and Wilson Street, as occurs Monday to Saturday daytimes and Sunday evenings. Lowfield Road is seeing significant new housing development which maybe at least part of the reason for this change.

Extra EYMS Evening Services

From Monday 26th September, EYMS are enhancing Monday to Saturday evening services on routes 115 and 154 between Hull Interchange and Castle Hill Hospital; the two routes operate as a circular for most journeys, with the 115 operating via the Avenues, Endike Lane and Cottingham and the 154 via Anlaby Road, Springfield Way and Willerby.

To suit new visiting times at Castle Hill Hospital there will be a new 1950 115 from Hull (currently last bus 1920) and 2039 115 from Castle Hill Hospital (currently last bus 2009). On service 154 extra journeys will depart Hull at 1955 (currently last bus 1925) and at 2032 from Castle Hill Hospital (currently last bus 2002).

In addition EYMS will add extra 'short' journeys on service 115 between Hull Interchange and Endike Lane. Services will leave Hull at 2030, 2130, 2230 and 2330, and from Endike Lane at 2151 and 2251. This will provide an 'all evening' service Monday to Saturday for Endike Lane, and provide additional evening buses for the popular Avenues area bars and restaurants.

Sunday, 11 September 2016

Wroot Changes

One change I missed earlier in the month was the withdrawal of First South Yorkshire Monday to Saturday service 59 from Wroot to Doncaster. It offered one morning journey from Wroot, and an afternoon journey in each direction (plus I think some extra journeys wholly within South Yorkshire). This provided a basic shopping and leisure link from the North Lincolnshire village.

As a partial replacement, the Hornsby Travel operated Isle of Axholme CallConnect now offers a regular weekday journey from Wroot to Blaxton in South Yorkshire at 0908, with a 1325 return, for connections onto Isle Coaches service 291 to/from Doncaster. At any other time of the day Monday to Saturday daytimes, the 'demand responsive' CallConnect service can be pre-booked for Doncaster connections on First service 57 or Isle Coaches 291/399 at Blaxton.

Not the same as a through bus, but at least a 'regular' 'timetabled' bus service can still be used by anyone in Wroot wishing to travel to Doncaster.

Monday, 5 September 2016

Hull Bus Cuts Decision

Hull City Council have decided on changes to supported bus services within the city, which will result in cost savings to contribute towards budget cuts. Thankfully overall they aren't too drastic, but for those impacted I'm sure they won't be saying that. It should be noted options to cut services back further were rejected. Further details are contained in this report from council officers.

Services 1D, 1E, 16 and 50 will be operated by EYMS from 30th October 2016 to 31st October 2019 for a cost of £169,863.04 per year. There is an option to extend each contract for up to 12 months (it is worth noting the 1D/1E is two separate contracts for the Sibelius Road and Mizzen Road sections). The decision was based on 80% price and 20% quality.

Services 1D and 1E will not see any "significant changes to service frequency" but service 50 will reduce from every 1 3/4 hours to every 2 hours. The biggest change will come on service 16, which is currently operated by Stagecoach. From the takeover by EYMS onwards, the frequency will reduce from hourly to every two hours after the morning peak period.

A contract for services from the Dorchester Road and Kestrel Avenue areas to North Point Shopping Centre, currently provided by variations to Stagecoach commercial service 9, has not been awarded. No compliant tenders were received and tenders for the existing service exceeded the available budget. Instead it is recommended that efforts are made to agree with bus operators a deal to cover Kestrel Avenue, through a de minimis variation to a commercial service. "Initial discussions with local bus companies" indicate this will be possible and should result in a cost saving as compared to awarding a contract. No doubt Stagecoach will be continuing to provide this link.

Dorchester Road seems likely to be left without a service. Council officers note that changes to commercial (Stagecoach) services over the last two years have provided more frequent services on nearby roads, and that the Dorchester Road service "simply provides a shorter walk to the nearest bus stop".

Service 9 also receives funding for diversions in West Hull, to serve the Grammar School Road area; this diversion is also part funded by East Riding of Yorkshire Council, which wishes to withdraw it's share of support. The Hull City Council decision instructs officers to "engage with bus companies to finalise agreements" for services in this area to continue, again another de minimis arrangement.

"Minor" financial contributions to some 'out of city' services will also end from 1st April 2017 (not 31st October 2016 as officers recommended). This covers service 350 tendered by North Lincolnshire Council, and services 78/277 and 105 tendered by East Riding of Yorkshire Council. The 105 must cover two Sunday morning return journeys that East Riding of Yorkshire Council wish to withdraw funding for, and I guess the 350 covers the EYMS operated Monday to Saturday evening or Sunday journeys as I think all Stagecoach journeys are commercially operated; East Riding of Yorkshire Council also wish to withdraw funding for their share of the EYMS operated Monday to Saturday evening journeys. It is not clear what service 78/277 journeys are impacted. These contributions are below £1000, though it is not clear if that is per service or for all the services concerned, and I can only presume the contribution is per annum.

Some happy news to end on - Stagecoach have said they will require no subsidy for service 6 from 1st April 2017 to maintain the current service level.

Sunday, 4 September 2016

Stagecoach 450 Weekday Afternoon Change

Tomorrow, Monday 5th September, Stagecoach are amending the weekday timetable on service 450, between Immingham and Barton. The 1445 from Immingham to Barton, which starts in Grimsby at 1415 as service 5, will only operate on Saturdays, and be replaced on weekdays by a 1345 Immingham to Barton, not starting in Grimsby but offering a connection from the 1315 service 5 from Grimsby.

I presume this relates to changes in the school day at Baysgarth School in Barton, where Stagecoach did, and I guess still do, hold a school bus contract. While I can understand the reasons for the change, it is unfortunate. The previous 5/450 from Grimsby is at 1245 just half an hour earlier, and the next 5 to Ulceby is not until 1715, four hours later. Also unless weekday shoppers into Grimsby from Barrow, Thornton Curtis or Wootton fancy an early 0830 arrival, they will only have 2 hours 15 minutes between the next 1100 arrival and needing to catch the 1315 bus home (or else use Call Connect from South Killingholme or Ulceby).

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Stagecoach to takeover Amvale 50

Going by this tweet from Stagecoach East Midlands, they are taking over Amvale Monday to Saturday service 50 from Saltfleet into Grimsby, via North Somercotes, North Coates and Tetney on Thursday 1st September. Currently there are two morning journeys from Saltfleet into Grimsby, at 0735 and 1030, and two afternoon journeys from Grimsby Riverhead Exchange at 1400 and 1732. The first journey extends to Grimsby College and the last journey starts at the college.

The new Stagecoach timetable increases to 3 or 4 journeys each way, thanks to 'positioning journeys' being operated 'in service' - so the extra journeys won't make a huge difference, but if they make a difference to someone then are worthwhile. Departures from Grimsby Riverhead Exchange are at 0630, 0920 (Sat Only), 1445 (Schooldays)/1450 (School Holidays+Sat) and 1732 (starts Grimsby College). From Saltfleet departures are at 0735 (to Grimsby College on schooldays), 1030, 1600 (Sat Only) and 1800.

As a result of this change, the only other operators of local service buses in Grimsby are Grayscroft Coaches and Hunts Coaches with their Tuesday Only shoppers services from Sandilands/Mablethorpe/Louth and Skegness/Alford respectively.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Extra Bridlington Town Services

EYMS are adding extra journeys to some of their Bridlington Town Services from Monday 5th September,

The 1420 service 507 from Bridlington Bus Station to New Pasture Lane will now operate on Wednesday schooldays, as well as on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday schooldays. This fills a two hour gap in the Wednesday schoolday service on route 507. This journey also runs in school holidays and on Saturdays as a circular back to Bridlington Bus Station.

On service 512, the 1405 from Bridlington Bus Station now runs on Wednesdays schooldays as well as all other weekdays and Saturdays. The following 1450 departure now runs on weekdays during school holidays as well as Saturdays. As a result a 2 hour 15 minute gap in departures on Wednesday schooldays reduces to 90 minutes, while a 90 minute gap on school holiday afternoons is eliminated with the usual 45 minute frequency operating all day.

Sunday, 28 August 2016

EYMS Priory Road Corridor Minor Changes

From Monday 5th September, EYMS are making minor punctuality amendments to the times of their Priory Road services in Hull - 60/60A/61/62/64. Some journeys will operate earlier or later, and the weekday 0840 Anlaby Road/Calvert Lane junction to Castle Hill Hospital service will start back at Hull Interchange at 0818.

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Stamford Bridge Service 10 Evening Reductions (But Could Have Been Withdrawal)

Reductions are taking place to the mid/late evening service on route 10 from Stamford Bridge to York and Poppleton, operated by Transdev York. This is due to City of York Council budget cuts.

From tomorrow onwards the Sunday and Bank Holiday evening service is withdrawn, and from Tuesday (30th) the Monday to Saturday evening service is reduced. The current hourly service requiring two vehicles is reduced to two 'full length' journeys, plus one extra York-Stamford Bridge 'short'. The last departure from York Piccadilly to Stamford Bridge is now slightly later at 2348 rather than 2328.

The entire evening service was at threat from withdrawal, but the York Press reports that local employer Rosti Automotive, East Riding of Yorkshire Council and Stamford Bridge Parish Council have each put £2000 per year towards the subsidy for the evening service to ensure that some level of evening service can be retained.

Friday, 19 August 2016

York Pullman takeover 36/X36 from Transdev

York Pullman will takeover operation of tendered services 36 and service X36 from Transdev York on Tuesday 30th August.

On Monday to Saturday service 36 between Sutton Upon Derwent and York, the 0900, 1027, 1227, 1427 and 1627 from Sutton upon Derwent become 0900, 1020, 1220, 1420 and 1655 (1620 Sat) departures. From York current departures from Merchantgate at 1115, 1315 and 1515 become 0945, 1120, 1320 and 1610 on weekdays and 0950, 1120, 1320 and 1520 on Saturdays. Most journeys extend through to/start at York Station, and the 0945 (0950 Sat) from Merchantgate and 1655 (1620 Sat) from Sutton Upon Derwent will operate as service X36, omitting Wheldrake and Fulford.

The weekday peak time X36 between Pocklington and York only has minor changes to it's times, and the equivalent Saturday journeys remain operated by EYMS. York Pullman previously operate the weekday peak service X36 until Transdev purchased their local bus operations in 2012.

Sunday, 31 July 2016

Some ideas work, Some don't - but at least they were tried.

Last September Stagecoach took over the East Riding of Yorkshire Council tender for Monday to Saturday evening services 78 and 277 between Hull and Hedon. They introduced two significant improvements - extending most services beyond Hull Interchange to the Avenues area, and a later Saturday departure on route 277. From next week (Monday 1st August), the Avenues extensions no longer operate, so I guess that initiative wasn't a success. The later Saturday service remains however, but departing Ferensway in Hull City Centre at 0030 as opposed to 0020, operating 10 minutes later throughout.

It should be noted that East Riding of Yorkshire Council are currently consulting on withdrawing the evening 78/277 services, except for possibly the 1810 service 78 from Hull Interchange.

Stagecoach Simplibus Hull Changes

Today, Sunday 31st July, Stagecoach have amended the timetables for most Simplibus routes in Hull, with some of the more notable being discussed below. There are various smaller changes not noted below, so this post is not comprehensive.

On a city wide note, all Saturday morning variations via Hull Royal Infirmary and Smith and Nephew are withdrawn, impacting service 3 from Greatfield and service 8, 11 and 12 from North Point. There are also reductions in the equivalent weekday variations on some routes (see below for details). Monday to Saturday early morning through journeys between services 2 and 3 (from Orchard Park) and services 10/10X are no longer shown in the revised timetables; neither are evening and Sunday through journeys between service 5 and services 11 and 12.

Weekday morning peak 1W variations via Smith and Nephew from Hull Interchange now operate every half hour rather than every 20 minutes. The weekday 0625 service 2 from Hull Interchange now starts at Monument Bridge at 0635.

On service 3 between Orchard Park and Greatfield the Monday to Saturday early morning timetables are extensively revised. In addition to the changes noted above, the 0700 from Greenwood Avenue to Hull Interchange now starts at Orchard Park Tesco and operates through to Greatfield, while the 0630 and 0700 from Greatfield to Hull Interchange now operate through to Orchard Park. On Saturdays all early morning journeys from Greenwood Avenue now start at Orchard Park, and operate through to Greatfield. This means earlier departures from Orchard Park Tesco than on weekdays and an earlier first service from Hull Interchange to Greatfield than on weekdays, at 0605 as opposed to 0657. The 0715 Hull Interchange to Greatfield is however withdrawn.

The last departure from Kingswood Retail Park on service 5 moves 5 minutes later on weekdays to 2315 but 10 minutes earlier on Sundays to 2300. There are also new earlier weekday departures from Hull Interchange at 0610 and 0640 (first departure previously 0705).

Weekday early morning journeys on service 10 from North Bransholme operate 5 minutes earlier "to improve connection times" onto services 8 and 11 at North Point. There is a new 0550 departure from North Bransholme, and the retimed 0635 from North Bransholme (was 0640) no longer operates via Hull Royal Infirmary and Smith and Nephew.

On service 11 the weekday 2345 from Ferensway is withdrawn, leaving a 2325 last departure from Hull Interchange. The last weekday and Sunday departure from Kingswood is 5 minutes later at 2335.

Service 12 has a revised early morning timetable; on weekdays the 0615, 0630 and 0645 from North Point via Smith and Nephew become 0530, 0600, 0630 and 0645 not serving Smith and Nephew. On Saturdays there is also a new 0600 from North Point, providing a first departure 15 minutes earlier than previously.

Hopefully this post has captured all the main changes - please leave a comment if not!

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Stagecoach 5 - Funding Success for Major Changes

The Grimsby Telegraph reported this week that North East Lincolnshire Council's Sustainable Travel funding bid to the Department for Transport has been successful, and that part of the successful bid includes significant improvements to Stagecoach service 5 between Grimsby and Immingham.

Full details of the bid are available on the council website. For service 5, £200,000 of government funding will be used to 'Kick Start' major improvements to the service, alongside an investment of £150,000 by Stagecoach in two additional low floor buses and a further £20,000 from Stagecoach of "marketing design services" to assist in promotion. Service 5 will, as part of a quality partnership, double in daytime frequency from half hourly to every 15 minutes between Grimsby and Immingham, with a half hourly extension to the new Able UK industrial development at Killingholme as well as the CATCH training facility and the Philips 66 Oil Refinery. It is not stated if the frequency increase will just be on weekdays, or if Saturdays are included as well.

It isn't quite clear to me how this will work in practice, and how the South Killingholme extensions to the 5 and those journeys that continue beyong Immingham as service 150 or 450 will be affected. The peak time service 5 extensions to Habrough and Ulceby are also not mentioned. The Able UK site and Philips 66 Oil Refinery are north of Immingham, while CATCH is to the east on the Kiln Lane Industrial Estate already served at peak times as part of the MIC Plant extensions, and the three sites would not be easily served by the same half hourly extension.

Page 8 of the bid document also contains a map. The MIC Plant route is colour coded "5 bus service with increased frequency". There is then a route colour coded "New bus service" along Manby Road and Rosper Road to serve Able UK and Philips 66, which then continues along Crook Mill Road to Thornton Abbey and a map label "To Barton Upon Humber". South Killingholme is colour coded "150/450 bus service" along with North Killingholme and Habrough.

The map could suggest that after operating a 15 minute frequency to Immingham County Hotel, the service will then split to serve CATCH/MIC Plant/Kiln Lane or extend to Able UK. This could provide a half hourly service to both areas. The extension to Barton is intriguing, as it is not mentioned elsewhere within the bid document, and would no doubt require significant funding. It would however significantly improve public transport links to the Able UK site, as passengers from Hull or Scunthorpe could connect onto an Able UK service in the town. Any Barton extension would presumably be routed via East Halton village, not Crook Mill Road as shown on the map, and would serve Barrow as well en-route to Barton.

It is worth pointing out that the 150 and 450 are North Lincolnshire Council financially supported, and that South Killingholme, North Killingholme, East Halton and the Able UK site are in North Lincolnshire, not North East Lincolnshire. This, and the focus on access to employment and training in the bid document, may explain the lack of detail on services to villages North and West of Immingham.

The Kick Start approach was used successfully around 10 years ago to relaunch the Laceby Acres/Nunsthorpe-Grimsby-Cleethorpes routes (now services 3 and 4) with 10 minute frequencies. For service 5 it will subsidise the first year of the increased frequency, with the intention that fare income and developer contributions will ensure it becomes commercially sustainable afterwards.

This is exceptionally good news for travel between Grimsby and Immingham, and for access to employment and training sites around Immingham. The changes will be a real 'step-change' in provision with the potential to deliver significant growth in the use of bus services. Hopefully Habrough and North Lincolnshire villages such as South Killingholme will not see cutbacks as a result of these changes, and can retain through services to Grimsby.

Finally, the bid also includes plans for a cycle hub at Cleethorpes station, which could offer the potential for workers in the Immingham/South Humber Bank area to travel by train to Habrough and then cycle to work.
(Unless I missed it, I haven't seen any timescales or start dates quoted)

Sunday, 26 June 2016

East Riding Bus Cuts Proposals - Some Thoughts

Having reviewed the list of services in the East Riding of Yorkshire that are and aren't proposed to loose their council subsidy, some thoughts.

While the "balanced scorecard" used to rank services has been weighted against some variables, such as low passenger numbers, evening and Sunday services and the availability of "substantially similar local bus services", there are no pre-conditions used. So no outright refusal to fund evening and Sunday services, no requirement to ensure communities retain a bus service, no minimum passenger threshold or maximum subsidy threshold. Therefore some villages could no longer be served by a traditional bus service, while the council continues to fund evening services between Bridlington and Bempton, and Hull and Goole, and Sunday services between Hornsea and Bridlington/Withernsea (the latter Summer only). Right or wrong? It is easy to criticise, but I guess East Riding of Yorkshire Council would argue that the evening and Sunday services proposed to keep their funding meet their varied criteria to do so, even after being penalised in the "balanced scorecard" for the times of the day/week they operate.

The worst performing service in the "balanced scorecard" is the funding for a small number of Sunday diversions to EYMS service 75 between Hull and Withernsea, to serve Burstwick. This is very much a contract I would question why it is being funded now anyway. Either EYMS should provide it commercially, or Burstwick should be able to suffice without, given the vast majority of Sunday 75's serve Burstwick commercially. Annual passengers are 295, average 1 per journey at a £2.34 per passenger subsidy.

The next worst performing service is Thornes 2 on Fridays between Bubwith and Market Weighton, which duplicates EYMS service 18. I'm not sure if the 2 and 18 follow the exact same route, but if need be hopefully the 18 could have a Friday variation. Another contract that I question why it is being funded anyway now.

Another service which I am really rather surprised is currently being funded is the 3 day a week Humbleton and Garton diversion on service 221. It has 97 annual passengers, at an £8.79 per passenger subsidy. If this was one day a week, 97 annual passengers wouldn't be quite as bad, but funding 3 days a week seems excessive. Also neither village would be left unserved by a bus service (though parts of Humbleton would be unserved).

Contracts with a per passenger subsidy of less than 25p have been heavily weighted in the "balanced scorecard" (where a high score is bad news) - I presume in the belief that they should be able to work commercially, possibly in a revised form. This covers the contribution to Acklams 5 (25p per passenger - I presume that is rounded up from 24 point something pence), Stagecoach 9 (6p per passenger) and EYMS 88 (7p per passenger).

Some contracts have very low average passenger per journey numbers. In addition to the 221 at average zero passengers per journey:
Average 1 passenger per journey:
  • 10 Wawne extensions - not proposed to have funding withdrawn
  • 75 Sunday Burstwick diversion (see above)
  • 78 Paull diversions Monday to Saturday
  • 79 Paull diversion Monday to Saturday
  • 142 Middleton-Holme Saturday
  • S1-3 Market Weighton area shoppers
Average 2 passengers per journey:
  • 121 Bridlington-Driffield Monday to Saturday morning
  • 121 Nafferton-Leconfield Monday to Saturday peak
Average 3 passengers per journey:
  • 155 South Cave-Goole Sunday
  • 180 Walkington-Beverley Monday to Friday peak
  • 199 Huggate-Pocklington Tuesday
  • 246 Hornsea-Beverley peak
A comment on earlier post noted that Paull is proposed to have funding removed for all subsidised journeys into the village, while Easington is due to keep 60 services a week. In carrying out it's "balanced scorecard", East Riding of Yorkshire Council seem to have assessed each contract they currently issue, "as is", and not considered the potential to reduce some services to contribute to savings, an "all or nothing" approach to each contract. Maybe it was felt to consider reduced contracts would add too many variables into the mix? Whatever the reason, hopefully this is something that will be considered. Would dropping the 502 evening service Monday to Thursday, and retaining on a Friday and Saturday be a better option? Running the 242 2 or 3 days a week rather than 6? A Summer Sunday service on the 130 but not in Winter? Retaining some service but "creating" funding to reduce the number of contracts being cut entirely?

Hull Bus Cuts

Hull City Council are consulting on changes to subsidised services in the city, with an intention to make savings of £50,000 - i.e. cuts are coming.
Hull City Council press release:
Hull City Council will be carrying out a series of public consultations for bus users to share their views on which services are important to them.

Currently the Council offers bus companies subsidies to support their local services where there is a social need, as the stand-alone bus fares would not be enough to cover the cost of transport.

However with the need for ongoing savings to the Council's budget, a number of services will be reviewed, including:

The services which will be affected by any changes are:

  • 1e/d Sibelius Road to Mizzen Road
  • Service 16 City Centre - Marfleet Village
  • Service 9 Grammar School Road
  • Service 9 James Reckitt Avenue
  • Service 9 Dorchester Road - Kestrel Avenue
  • Service 50 Lambwath Road - Broadway Drive

    Councillor Martin Mancey, Portfolio Holder with responsibility for transport, said:

    "With a significantly reduced budget the Council is required to make savings, and we will try to do this in a way that minimises the impact on bus users.

    "Reviewing these services has been difficult, and that's why we want your views as we seek to make them more sustainable as the long-term austerity measures continue."

    Public drop-in sessions will also take place at Hull's Paragon Interchange on:

  • Thurday 23rd June, 10am - 4pm
  • Friday 24th June, 9am - 4pm
  • Monday 27th June, 2pm - 4pm
  • Tuesday 28th June, 9am - 4pm

    Please make sure that your response reaches the Council before 22nd July 2016 -  

  • It should be noted the 9 between Noddle Hill/Bransholme, Hull and Cottingham is only supported on certain parts of the route, and that East Riding of Yorkshire Council are proposing to withdrawn their contribution to the route. Whether the remainder of the route would be viable without any council financial support is unknown.
    Cabinet Papers from 23rd May

    Saturday, 25 June 2016

    East Riding Bus Cuts Proposals - Extra Details

    On Tuesday, the cabinet of East Riding of Yorkshire Council will decide whether to proceed with a public consultation over cutting £600,000 of subsidised bus service funding. The cabinet agenda and supporting papers contain a large amount of information about these proposals (Item 13 in the Agenda, and page 212 onwards in the Supporting Papers).

    In terms of identifying what to cut, and what not to cut, a "balanced scorecard" was used, considering:
    • Annual number of passengers
    • Average passengers per journey
    • Subsidy per passenger (£)
    • Category of journey
    • Proximity of potential alternative services, including walking/cycling
    • Environmental impact
    Category of journey has been split down into:
    • Rural Work (Peak) - 1
    • Urban Work (Peak) - 2
    • All - 3
    • Rural All Day - 4
    • Town Service - 5
    • Rural Shopping Off Peak - 6
    • Urban Shopping Off Peak - 7
    • Rural Evening - 18
    • Urban Evening - 19
    • Rural Sunday - 20
    • Urban Sunday - 25
    • Non Statutory School - 30
    The number given is a value in the "balanced scorecard", with the lower the number, the higher priority. As can be seen peak services are the priority, evening and Sunday services are very much not a priority, and rural services are given prominence over urban and town services.

    Having applied the balanced scorecard, the below are proposed for withdrawal entirely:

    From 1st April 2017:
    • 2: Bubwith-Market Weighton, Thornes, Friday - EYMS service 18 is an alternative
    • 88: Goole-Thorne, EYMS, Monday to Saturday daytime - only receives "a small amount of de minimis funding"
    • 126: Boynton-Driffield/Ruston Parva-Bridlington, EYMS, Wednesday and Thursday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 160: Staddlethorpe-Goole, EYMS, Wednesday and Saturday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 173: Withernsea-Hull, EYMS, Saturday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 195: Pocklington-York, EYMS, Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday/Saturday - potential demand responsive replacement (the 'oddball' Tuesday 1255 Newton upon Derwent to York would remain)
    • 196: Aughton-York, EYMS, Tuesday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 199: Pocklington-Huggate, EYMS, Tuesday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 241: Albrough-Beverley, EYMS, Monday and Wednesday - potential demand responsive alternative, 242 and 243 also cover the Skirlaugh-Beverley section
    • 355: Airmyn-Goole, Council operated - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 358: Holme on Spalding Moor, Acklams, Tuesday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 486/487: Selby-Hensall-Snaith circular, Utopia, Monday and Friday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 488: Hut Green-Goole, Utopia, Wednesday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • S1: Market Weighton-Pocklington, EYMS, Tuesday and Friday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • S2: Market Weighton-Hotham circular, EYMS, Tuesday and Friday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • S3: Market Weighton-Goodmanham, EYMS, Friday - potential demand responsive alternative
    From 1st April 2018:
    • 76C: Humbleton-Withernsea, Pearsons Coaches, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday - potential demand responsive alternative
    • 158: Brough Town Service, EYMS, Monday to Saturday daytime
    • 183: Hessle Town Service, Busking, Monday to Saturday offpeak
    • 270: Driffield-Beeford, Busking, Monday to Friday evening peak - an alternative service on route 136 operates at 1540
    • 549: Withernsea Town Service, Pearsons Coaches, Monday/Tuesday/Thursday/Friday/Saturday
    The following are proposed to have their entire evening service withdrawn:

    From 1st April 2017:
    • 78/277: Hull-Hedon, Stagecoach, Monday to Saturday - service 75 would provide a partial alternative for Hull to Hedon, but not for Paull, Preston, Sproatley or Bilton. An 1810 departure from Hull could be retained
    The following are proposed to have their entire Sunday service withdrawn:

    From 1st April 2017:
    • 45/46: Bridlington-Driffield-Pocklington-York, EYMS - services 121, X46 and X47 would provide a partial alternative over parts of the route 
    • 78/277: Hull-Hedon, EYMS - service 75 would provide a partial alternative for Hull to Hedon, but not for Paull, Preston, Sproatley or Bilton
    • 142: Beverley-Middleton, EYMS
    • 155: South Cave-Goole, EYMS
    • 180: Beverley-Cottingham, EYMS
    • 361: Goole-Swinefleet, EYMS
    • 400/401: Goole-Selby, EYMS
    • 502: Bridlington-Bempton, Busking
    • 506: Bridlington Town Service, EYMS
    • 508: Bridlington Town Service, EYMS
    • 520: Beverley Town Service, EYMS
    • 522: Beverley Town Service, EYMS
    • 523: Beverley-Molescroft, EYMS
    From 1st April 2018:
    • 18A: Holme On Spalding Moor-York, EYMS
    • 220: Hornsea-Aldbrough, EYMS
    The following services would see alterations:

    From 1st April 2017 - Monday to Saturday daytime:
    • 5: Beverley-Model Farm, Acklams - the Norwood Grange part of the route would have it's funding withdrawn
    • 9: Noddle Hill/Bransholme-Hull-Cottingham, Stagecoach - the Bricknell Avenue diversion funding would be withdrawn
    • 45/46: Bridlington-Driffield-Pocklington-York, EYMS - the 1345 45 from York to Bridlington would have it's funding withdrawn between Pocklington and Bridlington, leaving a 4 hour gap in services to Bridlington. The 1545 46 between Bridlington and York would have it's funding withdrawn between Bridlington and Pocklington.
    • 45/46: Bridlington-Driffield-Pocklington-York, EYMS - on Saturdays, the 0905 46A Pocklington to Driffield and 1255 45 between Driffield and York would have their funding withdrawn between Driffield and Market Weighton, leaving Kirkburn and Tibthorpe without a Saturday bus service
    • 78/80: Hull-Hedon, EYMS - the funding for diversions into Paull village would be withdrawn, leaving a limited daytime commercial service
    • 78: Hull-Hedon, EYMS, the Monday to Friday 1500 Hedon to Hull would have it's funding withdrawn. leaving a 4 hour 15 minute gap
    • 79: Hull-Hedon, EYMS - the Saturday 0725 Hedon to Hull would have it's funding withdrawn
    • 80: Hull-Hedon, EYMS, Monday to Friday morning - the funding for the diversion into the Westlands Estate in Hedon would be withdrawn, leaving the estate without a bus service
    • 115: Hull-Cottingham, EYMS - the Monday to Friday 0755 Cottingham to Hull and 1540 Hull to Cottingham would have their funding withdrawn
    • 121: Hull-Scarborough, EYMS - the 0653 Driffield to Scarborough and 0635 Hull to Scarborough would have their funding withdrawn between Driffield and Bridlington. The first service between Driffield and Bridlington would be at 0848 (0843 Sat). The 0628 from Nafferton to Hull would have it's funding withdrawn between Naferton and Leconfield, with an alternative service 28 minutes later. The Monday to Friday school holiday and Saturday 0815 from Bridlington to Driffield would have it's funding withdrawn, with alternative service 121's at 0635 or 0925
    • 142: Beverley-Middleton, EYMS, Saturday - funding would be withdrawn between Holme and Middleton, leaving just one lunchtime Acklams journey
    • 180: Swanland-Beverley, EYMS, - the Monday to Friday 0719 Cottingham to Beverley would have it's funding withdrawn from Walkington onwards, with an alternative service one hour later
    • 221: Hull-Hornsea, EYMS, Monday, Wednesday and Friday - funding for the diversion via Humbleton and Garton would be withdrawn
    • 246 - Hull-Hornsea, EYMS, Monday to Saturday - funding for some journeys between Beverley and Hornsea would be withdrawn
    • 277: Hull-Hedon, EYMS - the Saturday 0650 Hull to Hedon would have it's funding withdrawn, with first service at 0750 instead
    • 517: Bridlington Town Service - the Monday to Saturday 1750 departure from Bridlington Bus Station would have it's funding withdrawn
    • X36: Pocklington-York, EYMS - this Saturday peak service would have it's funding withdrawn
    From 1st April 2017 - Monday to Saturday evening:
    • 45/46: Bridlington-Driffield-Pocklington-York, EYMS - the 2110 46 York to Pocklington, 2225 46 Pocklington to York and 2305 45A York to Pocklington would have their funding withdrawn. (One evening service from Pocklington to York is operated commercially)
    • 121: Hull-Nafferton - the 2135 Hull to Nafferton would have it's funding withdrawn between Driffield and Nafferton, with the last bus operating two hours earlier. A rail alternative is also available
    • 350: Hull-Scunthorpe, EYMS - the Monday to Saturday 1925 from Hull and 2110 return (the last service from Scunthorpe) would have their funding withdrawn. I think North Lincolnshire Council also contribute to these journeys
    From 1st April 2017 - Sundays:
    • 75: Hull-Withernsea, EYMS - the funding for the diversion of two services via Burstwick would be withdrawn; all other journeys on this hourly service operate via Burtswick commercially
    • 105: Hull-Cottingham, EYMS - the 0930 and 1030 from Hull and 0905 and 1005 from Cottingham would have their funding withdrawn
    • 153: Hull-North Ferriby/Welton, EYMS - funding withdrawn between Anlaby and North Ferriby/Welton
    From 1st April 2018:
    • 45/46: Bridlington-Driffield-Pocklington-York, EYMS - the Monday to Saturday 1635 45 from Bridlington to York would have it's funding withdrawn; the last bus from Bridlington would be at 1345. The Monday to Saturday 1835 45 York to Bridlington would have it's funding withdrawn, with the last bus to Bridlington at 1545
    • 122: Beverley-Molescroft, EYMS - the Monday to Saturday 0800 'round trip' from Beverley would be withdrawn, with a later service at 0835 (0935 Sat), and an earlier weekday service from Molescroft at 0751
    • 246 - Beverley-Hornsea, EYMS - funding for 3 of the 4 Sunday journeys each way would be withdrawn (the 4th service is effectively for positioning purposes only)
    • 520: Beverley Town Service, EYMS - the Monday to Saturday 0725 'round trip' from Beverley Bus station would have it's funding withdrawn with an alternative service at 0825
    Commercial registrations of any service proposed for (part) withdrawal are always possible.

    The following supported services are not proposed for change:
    • 1: Holme Upon Spalding Moor-Selby, Thornes, Monday to Friday
    • 4: Selby-Goole, Arriva - certain Monday to Friday journeys between Hemingbrough and Howden
    • 6: Beverley Town Service, Acklams, Monday to Saturday
    • 10: Hull-Wawne, Stagecoach, Monday to Satutrday
    • 18: Holme Upon Spalding Moor-York, EYMS, Monday to Saturday
    • 71: Withernsea-Easington, EYMS, Monday to Saturday
    • 78/277: Hull-Hedon, EYMS, Monday to Friday departures from Hull at 0700 and 1600
    • 129: Hornsea-Withernsea, EYMS, Monday to Saturday and Summer Sunday
    • 130: Hornsea-Bridlington, EYMS, Weekends and Winter Weekdays
    • 131: Bridlington-Carnaby Industrial Estate, EYMS, Monday to Friday
    • 134: Driffield-Skerne, EYMS, Tuesday and Thursday
    • 135: Driffield-Wetwang, EYMS, Monday to Friday
    • 136: Driffield-Bridlington, Busking, Monday to Saturday
    • 142: Beverley-Bainton, Acklams, Monday to Friday 0920 Bainton to Beverley, Monday to Saturday 1200/1210 Beverley-Middleton, Monday to Saturday 1250 Bainton to Beverley
    • 143: Melton-Beverley, EYMS, Monday, Wednesday and Saturday
    • 155: Hull-Goole, EYMS, Monday to Friday 0620 Hull-Elloughton, 1507 Gilberdyke-Hull, Monday to Saturday 0725 Elloughton to Goole and evening service
    • 180: Beverley-Hessle, EYMS, Monday to Friday 0740 and 1710 from Beverley and Saturday 0800 from Beverley
    • 230: Hornsea-Hull, EYMS, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday
    • 242: Hedon-Beverley, Stagecoach, Monday to Saturday
    • 360/361: Goole-Scunthorpe, EYMS, Monday to Saturday
    • 502: Bridlington-Buckton, Busking, Monday to Friday 1715 from Bridlington and Monday to Saturday evening service
    • 520: Beverley Town Service, EYMS, Monday to Saturday, section of route via Grovehill Road roundabout and Holme Church Lane
    • 522: Beverley Town Service, Acklams, Monday to Saturday
    • 530: Driffield Town Service, Busking, Monday to Friday
    • 550: Hornsea Town Service, EYMS, Monday to Saturday
    • 747: Pocklington-York, EYMS, Monday to Saturday
    • Goole Town Services, EYMS, Monday to Saturday
    • X36: Pocklington-York, Transdev, Monday to Friday - subject to City of York Council consultations
    • X57: Hull-Goole, EYMS, Monday to Saturday - 1912 from Newport to Goole
    (Please let me know about any corrections needed to the above)

    If you have the time it is worth reading the entire papers, including for details of subsidy and passenger usage of tendered services.